Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Fields

Alias: N/A
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Human
Age: 20
Alignment: NG[
Class/Profession: In D20 Modern terms, a Tough/Dedicated Hero.
Power Rating: Low, but capable of taking on high-ranking characters, due to being able to neutralize even Epic spells.
Description: Lizzie is a young woman with light skin, hazel eyes, and brown short hair. Attractive, but not supernaturally beautiful by any means, she... looks normal, to be honest.

Equipment: Right now? Normal clothes.
Abilities: Lizzie's right arm houses a power that destroys any magic, psionic, divine, or primal effect that comes into contact with it. This may be instantaneousness in the case of smaller areas of effect, but in the case of large areas, it may take time for the spell to fully dispel. While any level of effect may be dispelled, an effect powered externally can, quite possibly, simply reappear immediately- in this case, she would need to touch the source of the power instead of what is being effected. While this is specific to her right arm, she can also not turn it off. At all.