Rachel DeLouche

Alias: None.
Gender: Female.
Race/Species: Human.
Age: 22
Alignment: Chaotic. The Good, Neutral and Evil fluctuate.
Class/Profession: Pirate, Ninja, and Gunslinger
Power Rating: C
She's not the type of girl everyone would consider unbelievably beautiful. Rather, she is a bit more on the cute side. If cuteness included two guns holstered at her waist and eyes that implied she wouls not hesitate to use them.

She doesn't look like a particularly hot-headed girl, which works just as well, because she isn't. If you were forced describe her using one word, the word you'd pick was "screw you" right before punching the person who forced you to describe an entire personality using just one word of the English language. If you were allowed to use more words, you would be able to describe her beautiful red hair, tied back in a high ponytail and her matching deep, dark green eyes.

Now, if you had to describe her clothes, that would be a bit easier: A tank top small enough that it shows her stomach, and short shorts. It takes less words to describe it than it took fabric to make it. Some things just aren't poetically described.
Personality: Self-assured, snarky. But in a way, respectful of all life. Just not very respectful of belongings.
Equipment: Clothes and two guns.
Abilities: Aiming. Can hit a moving target at.... a very long distance. Dead center. With wind. She's in fairly good athletic shape, but that's about it.
Backstory: Eventually.