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Thread: [3.5] Fighter Remix: Doin' it old-school

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    This is some great feedback! Gideon, could you link me the marshal fix you were thinking of?

    Nerfed cavalry fighting style speed boosts, as suggested. Nerfed Combat Psychic feat - this was intended to make Combat Form feats worthwhile to a psionic character, not create a no-brainer dip-level. Buffed Mounted Scout.

    Also, completed the last of the supplementary posts detailing the individual fighting styles. Now I just have to go back and invent about 40 new feats to flesh out the fighting styles....

    On that note, added 12 new cavalry fighter feats and one new watchful fighter feat. More options to follow for all fighting styles as my muse strikes. I'm also definitely going to be linking to some external threads containing improvements to the core fighter bonus feats.
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