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Thread: [3.5] Fighter Remix: Doin' it old-school

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    Those are some great new options for the cavalry fighter. I'm not entirely certain how the adjusted druid levels for wild cohorts would work out with the variant cohort adjusted effective druid levels (say that five times fast) but it's so much better than mounted combat has ever had before that I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

    What I especially like is the way you've tied some of the stuff in to previous mechanics, like your wing clip feats and the windburst charge. Very nice indeed. I need to look over it a little more, but I can guarantee that the next time I'm putting together a mounted character I'll be coming here instead of trying to add seven different prestige classes together to get something that's passable (seriously, it's absurd how hard it is to make an effective mounted character).

    Your other changes look pretty good as well. Nicely done!

    EDIT: For reference, the last time I tried to make a flying dogfighting mounted cavalier, I was considering either a Paladin of Freedom 5/Fighter 2/Ranger 2/Beastmaster 1/Skylord 4/Cragtop Archer 3/Wild Plains Outrider 2/Dragonrider 1 or a Fighter 2/Ranger 2/Cleric 1/Prestige Paladin 2/Aglarondan Griffonrider 3/Skylord 2/Cragtop Archer 3.

    ... It's not pretty.
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