Well, nobody comment, so, I decided to take Pikachu and naming it Thun. Why? Because Thun it's cool.

I was sleeping in a patch of grass, and, a cool breeze as passing on. I like it. A lot. But, a voice disturbed my sleep. A... "energetic voice", indeed.

- Hey, wake up! C'moon! - He said. I automatically awake, however, I still wanted to sleep. - What do you want, dude... I was sleep- OH CRAP YOU ARE A TALKING POKÉMON Yes. That was my reaction. What the hell dude, pokémons don't talk. At least, I think not. But, he said with calm, that his name is Thun or anything. I don't care. But... when he said i was a Meowth, I got like... err... "**** DUDE I SCREWED".

- Uh, well... Uh... My name's Mikhael... Nice to meet ya.
- Mikhael? That is ... a funny name! Hahahahaha!

Oh really... But, after while... A Butterfree appeared, and she was bad. Wait, talking like "bad" it not that she's ugly. "Bad" it was... Well... Uh... With fear, calling for help!

Help, my Caterpie get into a cave or something, save him and I give you food for saving a life! GO NOW SLAVES! That what I heard, sincerely. But whatever.

We went to the cave, PWNED some Wild Pokémon, Evolved 2 levels, and saved Caterpie. He (or she...) was bad. Like Butterfree was. Y'know. We get that thing out and Butterfree was now good. And gived us the... BERRIES! BERRIES are USEFUL! Or not. Dunno. Never eated one. Then, the Pikachu said to us to go to the Base! Let's go!


Finally, the chapter! :3 Well, could you help to name the team? I don't have any creativity now. oh well