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More keyboard diarrhea incoming:

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Sudden Movement is At-Will Travel Devotion?
Yes. It uses your swift action, but gives the benefit to your mount. I should also notate that the rider doesn't draw AoO during the movement either. On consideration, though, it's giving a big speed boost to a character who's already plenty fast, and it's rather powerful for the level. What if the mount is staggered as a result? This would let you do a couple of things:
  • Move without AoO, but for no net gain in distance traveled
  • Turn a corner before charging (a staggered mount can use a standard action to initiate a partial charge)

This might make it a bit weak, but I could then buff it some by granting the mount the ability to ignore entangling effects during the movement. Thoughts?

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Terrifying Howl has no duration specified on the Shaken effect.
Duration added - one round.

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Why don't aura benefits stack with Aid Another?
If the benefits stacked, a high-Charisma commanding fighter with the Platoon Leader feat could use synergistic auras in conjunction with Aid Another to move the entire party's attack roll or AC completely out of the RNG.

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I don't see why Dual Auras would require 20 levels... I suppose because it not only gives 2 Combat Auras, but 2 Commanding Auras as well. I think I would rather see these benefits divided, perhaps in the form of Advancement. Something like requiring Commanding fighter 12 or so to get 2x Combat Auras, and then it also allows 2x Commanding auras at level 18. You could also squeeze the ability to activate them 2-at-a-time into an Advancement.

Incidentally, including the ability to change Commanding Auras any time you change Combat Auras (and vice versa, of course) somewhere would be nice.
I envisioned this as a capstone feat comparable to the warblade's Dual Stance, a crunchy reward like 9th level spells for casters. Stances are better than auras, though, so I can see how it would fit at a lower level. Dual Auras does grant the ability to change "one or two auras that you know", which can include a combat aura and a commanding aura. I could see moving this down a little though - it's not really granting new powers, just letting you mix up your existing ones better. Lemme think on how to rewrite this - and what kind of awesome capstone feat I can create in its place.

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Both Expert Aid and Supporting Strike eventually increase your Aid Another bonus to +5. Was this intentional to create multiple paths?
Yes. Expert Aid-->Platoon Leader is somewhat more powerful, but eats your actions, and is more useful for commanding fighters who tend to lead from the back. Supporting Strike-->Improved Supporting Strike packs less power, but comes free with a successful melee attack. It's intended for commanding fighters who prefer to lead from the front. A fighter could theoretically pursue both trees, but it probably wouldn't be the best use of his feats.

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I wish I could provide some inspiration for more Commander feats. For now, I'll suggest feats which allow you to cash in your normal Aid Another benefits for more exotic ones, but I don't know what that would be (for the most part, it'd probably end up redundant with the auras anyway).
I like this idea! I think rather than providing bonuses (which the commanding fighter is swimming in already), they should enable new actions. What could fit? Just brainstorming here, I'm thinking...
  • Ally immediately stands from prone without AoO, or prone enemy must spend a full-round action to stand if it stands from prone next round
  • Flat-footed ally is no longer flat-footed. Advancement: Ally gains Uncanny Dodge for one round. Advancement: Ally also gains Improved Uncanny Dodge for one round.
  • Ally takes an immediate free 5-foot step, or enemy is prevented from taking a 5-foot step for one round.
  • Ally recovers from dazed or stunned condition. Foe might be dazed.
  • Ally recovers from shaken, frightened, or panicked condition. Foe might be shaken.
  • Ally gains own character level as temp hp for one round.
  • Charmed, confused, dominated, or feebleminded ally gains new saving throw.

Ideas, anyone?