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it's giving a big speed boost to a character who's already plenty fast
This concerned me quite a bit, but I wanted to make sure I understood it correctly. I feel something like that needs some sort of limiter. One thought I had was "you can do this a number of times per encounter equal to your mount's con bonus" or some such.

Instead of Staggered, how about Winded or Fatigued for a round? It kills charging (you could specify they gain the status at the end of your turn so you can charge in the round you use it but not the next), but retains a full round action. So no charge vs no full round actions.

If the benefits stacked, a high-Charisma commanding fighter with the Platoon Leader feat could use synergistic auras in conjunction with Aid Another to move the entire party's attack roll or AC completely out of the RNG.
Commanding auras only ever provide situational attack or AC, so they shouldn't be part of the problem and should, in my opinion, stack with Aid Another and Combat auras just fine. Combat Auras can go (as far as I can see) up to +6. I can see why you'd be leery about letting that stack with a +5 or so Aid Another with very little action investment.

One thing I would consider is nerfing Platoon Leader to only Standard Action investment. Since it requires Expert Aid (and comes at a level where Expert Aid is Immediate/Swift), it would provide a reason to still use a Standard (or at least Move) action for it.

With that sort of investment, stacking with auras is quite a bit less potent. And if someone goes the Supporting Strike route in addition to the Expert Aid tree, well, you already covered how that's a lot of feats.

Dual Auras does grant the ability to change "one or two auras that you know",
Yeah, I just meant as a lower level effect. I don't really know what to do about Dual Aura other than my suggestion above about making it advance. It's hard to make "I add a moderate number to TWO decent but limited stats!" an extremely interesting capstone... but I keep forgetting it's actually 4 instead of 2. But then, I feel like the Marshal class would struggle to be overpowered if they could project all auras known simultaneously.

I like this idea! I think rather than providing bonuses (which the commanding fighter is swimming in already), they should enable new actions. What could fit?
The "problem" with this is that it's effectively White Raven. I put that in quotes because that's what WotC finally realized: buffing through situational action is more active (and therefore fun) for the player, while also feeling much more tactical. So either try to find things that aren't White Raven-able, or embrace it and borrow from it. I would say "make sure they're more potent than maneuvers" but uhh... these guys will be popping this crap 3-7 times/round. That's nuts.

Holy crap. You have a Fighter that can Aid Another an entire party like 9 times if they can crank their AB high enough for the round! (and have enough tricks for extra attacks)

Anyway, I really like your suggested list, except maybe the temp HP one. Nvm, I like that one, too. Actually, I don't like the "remove effect" ones, though I'd be cool with stepping down more severe statuses and I'll always love the "grant a new save" types.

Oh, immediate action aura would be fantastic (or did I miss it?). Probably part of the capstone feat. You'll never use a Reflex Save aura unless you can toss it up in response to a fireball.

Also, I just realized you have the entirety of the aura tree wrapped up in automatic class features and 1 feat (2 with Dual Auaras). I can see how this makes sense as a no-brainer investment for commanding fighters (thus making it the focus of the capstone feat), but some more commanding aura support would make it an alternative to Aid Another focus. Don't ask me what support that would be! As I said, there's good reason to leave it as low-investment as possible.

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