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    "I exist only to fight, and to test you. I or the Nexus itself must be destroyed, and only time will tell which it will be."

    Alias: "The Bringer of Destruction," "The Knight of Madness"
    Gender: Genderless.
    Race/Species: Great Old One.
    Age: Ageless.
    Alignment: Claims to be "Above Good and Evil," and fits solidly into Blue and Orange Morality.
    Class/Profession: Some unholy fusion of Knight and Sorcerer.
    Power Rating: Varies. When at full capacity, Oblivion is an entity capable of fighting multiple champions and succeeding. In its true state, it is all the way up to S+. However, when challenged to a duel, it suppresses its own power for the purpose of fairness. When dueling, it reaches a far more manageable power level of A. If even that is too high, it might limit itself even more, though it refuses to drop below B.
    Description: Oblivion appears as a Knight in a suit of plate armor black as the void. Through the visor shines two yellow orbs of light, representing what once may have been eyes. The entity has no form other than the armor, and carries a long black cape that stretches down to its ankles. It stands a terrifying nine feet in height, and wields a longsword.
    Personality: Oblivion has one goal, and one goal only: To find the most powerful beings in the Nexus and test them. If they can defeat him in single combat, he will leave for several days before seeking another foe. If it defeats every being in the Nexus, it fully intends to destroy it completely. It will not concern itself with the weaker beings in the Nexus, either: It will use its powers to wipe them away in great numbers if it so chooses.
    Equipment: It is itself an enchanted suit of armor that will instantly transmute objects in contact with it to dust. Through force of will, it can protect specific objects from this fate. Its cape is enchanted to resist any type of energy completely. It wields a sword that can cut through seemingly indestructible materials like butter, and can even cut metaphysical concepts if it really wants to.
    Abilities: Oblivion is capable of astounding feats of power. It seems to control dust potently, being able to shape it into anything it pleases. It has been known to transform sufficient quantities of dust into minions, new weapons, and even war machines. Secondly, it seems to be able to lift billions of pounds effortlessly, to the degree where it can uproot an entire mountain for use as a bludgeon. Thirdly, it can resist levels of force that should be compacting it into a single speck. It can glide, but it is not capable of true flight. If it so desires, it can conjure a warhorse to ride. It retains these abilities when in 'duel mode,' but they are less pronounced and significantly weaker.
    Backstory: Oblivion was once an ordinary suit of armor. It was infused with the raw anger and hatred of thousands of souls, and now drifts between realities in the hope that one contains an equal.

    ((I heard someone saying that WATCHTOWER doesn't get enough work, and, well, I decided to oblige that subtle offer. ))

    Nexus History: Oblivion awakened here, and promptly ran into Harnel. The resulting battle decimated most of the battlefield, but it ended in Oblivion's victory, but both surviving. It then went to Inside, causing an incident which resulted in a fight with Prometheus and Rebonack, which Oblivion won, only to encounter Edijar. Due to Edijar's ability to stop magic from functioning in contact with him, combined with clever tactics and great skill, the Remnant captain managed to decapitate Oblivion and transport the head to HALO. Oblivion's head wandered the halls for several months, until its body eventually made its way there. By walking on the seafloor. In the meantime, Oblivion used its brain (sort of) and realized some new ideas that could allow it to fight more effectively. Its powers are the same, but it could use them far better. For example, the things it makes out of dust could be made to stick together rather than just he held together by its will. It also learned how to simulate new forms of weaponry.

    It's on its way back to Inside now.

    Due to a series of events and player outrage, Oblivion has been sealed in an ancient Artifact by Sir Hex.
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