Okay, I have two, first of all
Zanian Darkflame
Alias: None
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
Age: 17
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class/Profession: Thief/Assassin
Power Rating: Level 6 by Quinsar levels
Description: Wild, dirty blonde hair, dark grey hoodie, dark blue jeans
Personality: Sarcastic, somewhat sadistic, slightly insane
Equipment: Hidden blade, throwing knives, smoke pellets, dagger, grappling hook (hidden blade and grappling hook hidden in right vambrace)
Abilities: Skilled at parkour (free-running) good at disapeparing and being silent and/or invisible in plain sight
Backstory: Orphaned at a young age, Zanian was taught by a family friend to steal and hide in plain sight, Zanian had started to learn parkour when his mentor was killed for stealing from a noble (psuedo-fantasy style world) Zanian continued to learn parkour and thievery for the next few years of his life, and here we are
Miscellaneous: Has MPD from being orphaned twice, occasionally the alternate personality will appear and is insane, sadistic and unnaturally intelligent
and (if this will fit)
Bryce Chaoshunter
Alias: Chaos
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
Age: 19
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class/Profession: Fighter
Power Rating: Level 8 by Quinsar levels
Description: Short black hair that almost covers his eyes, sleeveless, black shirt, dark grey jeans, roughly 6'10"
Personality: Sadistic, cruel, somewhat insane
Equipment: Commonly wears pitch-black armor over his whole body (psuedo-futuristic) and a black helmet with a red visor
Abilities: Unnatural strength and speed (for his size)
Backstory: He was abused as a child by his drunken father and drug-addict mother. Bryce eventually snapped and had a mental breakdown, he killed his mother and father with a knife and after realising what he had done, he went insane and contued to cut up their bodies until the police arrived. Bryce killed one before being taken to an insane asylum. He was broken out by Zanian who used him as a meat-shield, distraction and huge pile of muscle.
Miscellaneous: Nothing I can think of
yay it fit I can't believe