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    OK, you've both identified some good balance tweaks and pointed out some significant exploits arising from interactions of these feats that I hadn't seen.

    • Sudden Movement: Nerfed to leave the mount winded.
    • Dual Auras: Requirements reduced and feat is now staged.
    • Improved Aura: Buffed slightly.
    • Expert Aid: Nerfed advancement doesn't provide an immediate activation option.
    • Platoon Leader: Nerfed to require a standard action.
    • Supporting Strike, Improved: Nerfed to be usable only with attacks you make on your turn.

    I added eight new feats for commanding fighters focusing on improvements to auras and new uses for Aid Another.

    • Battlefield Commander, Domineering Presence, Lead From the Front: Tactical feats providing multiple alternative uses for Aid Another.
    • Extra Aura: I bet you can't guess.
    • Lingering Aura: Prolly can't guess this one either.
    • Now is the Time!: Nova your auras
    • Supreme Commander: Capstone! All auras active all the time
    • Timely Orders: Activate an aura or use Aid Another as an immediate action

    I am still concerned about the stacking of auras and Aid Another. I am so concerned, in fact, that I am considering changing the bonus type on the auras from circumstance to morale so that they will not stack with bardic music or most cleric buffs. I have visions of a party that includes a cleric, a bard, and a commanding fighter, all synergizing and stacking their buffs to get +10 to +20 on all their rolls and essentially render monster's attack rolls, AC, and ability save DC's meaningless. Thoughts?

    Combat Psychic is basically intended to allow psywars and psychic gishes to gain combat focus more than once per combat by repeatedly burning their psionic focus. But post-nerf Expend ability is pretty lame now. What if it was only a swift action, but you couldn't expend your combat focus and psionic focus in the same turn? I'm trying to avoid creating a dip progression of disciplined fighter 1/psiwar (x-1) that's automatically better than psiwar x.
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