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    Quote Originally Posted by jiriku View Post
    I am still concerned about the stacking of auras and Aid Another. I am so concerned, in fact, that I am considering changing the bonus type on the auras from circumstance to morale so that they will not stack with bardic music or most cleric buffs. I have visions of a party that includes a cleric, a bard, and a commanding fighter, all synergizing and stacking their buffs to get +10 to +20 on all their rolls and essentially render monster's attack rolls, AC, and ability save DC's meaningless. Thoughts?
    Just so we're clear, we're talking about Combat auras and not Commanding auras here, right? I feel like the Commanding auras (and the minor auras they're based on) are mostly situational enough that it's OK. The only +AC commanding aura is against AoOs only - which isn't bad at all - and there aren't any +attack auras. So assuming it's the combat auras, I'm ok with that not stacking with Aid Others. I can see how that makes the +attack and +AC auras less appealing to most Commanding Fighters while still being useful to other Fighter types.

    I'm trying to avoid creating a dip progression of disciplined fighter 1/psiwar (x-1) that's automatically better than psiwar x.
    Switch Disciplined Fighter around so the instant-refresh doesn't come at level 1? I haven't read Disciplined yet, and apparently I need to re-read commander since all new options have appeared.


    K, read the new stuff on commanding auras

    Improved Combat Aura is now a feat tax -- as far as I can tell, it takes you from a +5 bonus to all allies to a +11 at level 20.

    Domineering Presence>Walk it off, soldier has a type (allow an allow)

    On Now is the Time! Are you unable to activate any auras for the rest of the encounter? Or just the ones that were active when the ability was used? Personally, I like the latter, though maybe that'd be better if it were a doubling instead of a tripling. I dunno. At least it's straightforward enough once you get Supreme Commander!


    As usual, good work. Well done with the tactical feats -- I think chunking it like that works nicely.


    Gosh, ANOTHER separater? I wish someone would post so I wouldn't have to keep editing.


    I'm still a bit leery on even once/round combat focus for the disciplined fighter. At least make them wait a couple levels for it (helping to solve your dip problem), but I'd like to see an action cost considered.

    It appears I know everything else in the disciplined fighter section!
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