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    Quote Originally Posted by jiriku View Post
    As an aside, I'm finding that stepping away from uses per day or uses per encounter and moving into at-will abilities with significant drawbacks is a very fun design space. Limited-use abilities are illogical for characters with a martial power source (why can't I swing my sword like that more than once per day?), but at-will abilities with the right drawbacks are inherently spammable (as they should be), yet the player won't generally want to spam them (which would be boring anyhow). Instead, the player is invited to try to create tactical situations where the benefits of the ability are maximized and its drawbacks minimized - which leads to tactical maneuvering, teamwork, and use of the environment (which makes for fun, interesting fights). Also, I just like the feel that's created when martial characters are encouraged to exploit chance, opportunity, and cunning in situations where divine, arcane, or psionic characters would just be using their spells or powers.
    I wouldn't mind an entire system designed around this paradigm, actually. But that's not even D&D after that much work -- a bit more than a simple houserule, that.

    As usual, expect some heavy editing of this post as I hit the next Fighter types.


    Arterial having no duration can kinda suck. I understand mages can do wayyyyy worse, but "I hit once and run away and since he's a melee in the middle of the woods, he's toast". As usual, I hate it most from the stance of DMs using it against me, but I feel like a lot of cunning fighters would end up using the tactics I described above. Perhaps saying the wounds can not bring you below 0 HP would help?

    Blinding strike, same thing with the permanent duration. And once again, I know blindness/deafness is permanent and only level 2. But this has no save, and that's pretty harsh.

    Concussion and hamstring strikes seem to gain nothing from the Special: line. In the 1st case, it's redundant with the Benefits section. In the case of Hamstring, it just doesn't make sense (or I'm missing something). You could consider sacking extra D6s to increase the DC of the heal check. That would make it even more prominent that a simple cure minor wounds would suffice, though. Though you could always pull one of those deals where you must either get the Heal check or "heal more HP damage than the attack dealt", depending on how convoluted you feel like going.

    I guess that's all I have for Thuggish/Cunning.
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