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    Orrey Lauhter

    Alias: Shudders, Rey.

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Cyborg Human

    Age: 28

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil, I think.

    Power Rating: C or low B, probably. Fairly scaleable.

    Description: Orrey is a tall, wirey fellow, possessed of lean, dangerous looking muscle. He's caucasian, with a pale complexion, and his arms are marked with old needle scars. He doesn't much seem to care if anyone sees them.

    Of course, once you reach his upper forearms and chest area, a series of glowing neon yellow tattoos begin to appear. They run all the way up to his face, where the 'ink' curls around a pair of hollow dots on his cheeks and meets in a pointed design on the forehead.

    The glow begins to peter out around the top half of Orrey's face, then blossoms again, as his hair is a bloody shock of neon red. The hair sticks up at an angle, slanted back along his scalp in little spikes, and the sides of his head are shaved. It ends in a smoothly curved widow's peak.

    Orrey's features are hard and angular, with a bit of wear and tear in places. His bent nose has obviously been broken before. The curvature of his brow gives him an almost perpetually shady or angry expression. His pupils and irises are all a solid circle of red drifting in white. Of course, the white of the sclera is only applicable sometimes, as his eyes are bloodshot all too often.

    Due to constant drug use, Orrey's hands shake almost all the time. He has a slight, easily perceptible tick to him if he sits still long enough.

    Personality: Orrey is a predator in a world of weak, soft creatures. He's the biggest dog, the toughest bastard, and anyone who contests this fact usually ends up beaten or dead. Orrey is an angry individual, rarely challenged in his chosen circles, but he is not stupid. He wins all his battles because he chooses them. He's obviously a domininant individual, particularly because a superior would end up restricting his freedom. He'll tolerate an equal relationship, but someone giving him orders too often would probably become irksome for both parties.

    Equipment: Most prominent is the metal mask he wears over his face. It's another method of juicing him up during strenuous activity, so he often slaps it on if his arm-mounts are empty.

    Speaking of which, his forearms are entirely artificial. They have fan-like compartments than can slide out to reveal several specialized syringes. With this mechanism, he can inject himself without actually sticking a needle in his arm. Through a cocktail of several drugs, Orrey can transform himself into a human monster.

    His other more prominent item is his weapon. A length of metal rod, formed into the haft of some cross between an axe and a sword. Two clamps hold the blade in place, a length of neon-orange hardlight, one of the most durable substances known to man. He can place two hands on the lower part of the rod, or slip one around the weapon in the thin space between the jagged blade and the haft itself.

    Abilities: Orrey is a skilled, savage fighter, swift and merciless in his assault. He is strong, durable, and becomes much moreso when he's on his drugs. Nanobots can weave him back together pretty well. His senses increase drastically when he's using.

    He might have more drug-related abilities too that I merely can't think of. Meh.

    Oh, some actual career skills! As I said, he's not stupid. His background selling drugs has afforded him some knowledge of makeshift chemistry, and other... unscrupulous activities have gradually versed him in building, fixing and maintaining machinery.

    Backstory: To come later. Probably pretty mediocre for a violent junky. Broken home, absent parents or siblings, career criminal.
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