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    Jasmine White

    Alias: Jaz

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 20

    Class/Profession: N/A

    Power Rating: E

    Description: Jasmine is quite skinny. It seems like barely any fat or muscle lies between her skin and bones. That's what a good metabolism and no exercise gets her. Her skin is quite pale. Not overly so, but you can be confident she doesn't go outside much. Overall her appearance is pretty average. Not overly attractive, but not unattractive either. Her eyes are a dark green and her smile is crooked. Her plain, brown hair is usually pulled up in a rough ponytail. When it isn't, it just hangs at shoulder length, straight and uninteresting. She is a bit above average in height and her breasts are small. She wears baggy and unrevealing clothing. Tan cargo pants, brown runners, a green t-shirt, and a grey hoodie. A pair of glasses always rest on her nose. They rest quite low and she always seems to look out of the very top of them.

    Personality: She's somewhat shy and awkward, and a bit anti-social. She can bring herself to talk to people, however. Especially if there's a good topic to work with. She generally cares about others, although sometimes she wishes she didn't. To her it's not just a thing you can switch on and off. She has a knack for laziness and procrastination. Sometimes she can care too much about what others think of her, and gets embarrassed easily as a result. She's generally laid back and isn't one to worry about things overly much.

    - A pair of somewhat square glasses.
    - A wallet containing a bit of money.
    - A cell phone with a crappy battery.
    - A leather, analog watch.
    - A black hat.
    - A shiny steel bracer that can activate to create a buckler out of a nearly transparent, purple energy.
    - A knife that vibrates rapidly to saw as it cuts.
    - A Grecian style bronze helm etches with small runes. It allows her to see in the dark.
    - Grecian style bronze greaves etched with small runes. They make her move slightly faster.

    Abilities: Pretty much nothing. Unless of course you call being a fast reader an ability. Or maybe her amazing ability to procrastinate. She's not a terrible singer either. Though she can't exactly be called good.

    Backstory: Jasmine hasn't lead a particularly interesting life compared to most people in the Nexus. She went to school, had a few friends, but for the most part she was a loner. She generally did well in school, but had trouble mustering the will to care. She ended up going to tech school after leaving high school. She was doing some homework and fell asleep at her desk when she found herself waking up in the Nexus.

    Miscellaneous: N/A
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