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Elves refuse to slaughter animals for food because it "disrupts nature", but are perfectly willing to slaughter them for fashion purposes (elves are commonly depicted wearing leather armour of a design that would gain precisely nothing from being made of leather -- in other words, the use of leather serves as a fashion statement and nothing else).
What? Who told you elves live in 'harmony' with nature, like some good-for-nothing druids? Elves control nature. They shape it to their whim, even create new species to serve them. It only looks like they live in harmony because they're so good at it.

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Elves adopt a primary style of warfare that relies heavily on stamina and physical endurance, two things that D&D elves do not have in abundance.
If you do guerrilla warfare wrong, perhaps. Elves shouldn't do 'hit-and-run' tactics so much as they should do 'hit-and-fade' tactics. They prepare the battlefield beforehand by ensuring they have lots of hidey-holes, then they take potshots in the middle of the night before dipping out to evade pursuit. If you're operating against humans (or even critters with darkvision), it's a lot more doable than you might think. A knock-down drag-out firefight is a human (or dwarven) idea; an elf is not interested in a fight that goes on longer than a minute or two. I imagine they'd use tactics very similar to those the insurgency uses in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'd also imagine that the elf who gets caught in a fight with a human or dwarf is screwed, if only because the elf can't keep up a fight for as long as the human or dwarf could.

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And of course, there's "so what exactly are these elves doing in the 85 years between becoming an adult and becoming a valid choice for a player character?" problem.
Being teenagers. Just because elves live long doesn't mean they do anything useful with all of those years. Personally, I'd put an experience penalty on elves to make 'em slow down level gain - but that'd probably require wandering into LA.

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As regards longbows, elves are short according to the rules. They max out at what, 5'6" or so? Effective use of a longbow requires height because the physics of the weapon (assuming it's not composite, in which case what the hell is it doing in a fantasy setting, composite bows?) depend on both, well, a long bow, as well as a long draw distance, to deal damage and be effective at range. Yeah, historically humans were the same height or shorter for most of history - but D&D humans are significantly taller than D&D elves, so....
Problem solved. Elves are as tall as historical humans, therefore they can use the historical longbow. Wander too far into this (like saying humans could use better longbows because they're taller) and we start getting into different sword lengths for different wielders. That's just diminishing returns.