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"Elves eat little, and although they are omnivorous, they eat more plants than meat. This is partly because of their affinity with nature (elves believe that a harvested plant causes less disruption to nature than a slain animal)...".

It doesn't imply strict vegetarianism, but the upshot is still the same -- as far as D&D lore is concerned, elves consider fashion to be more important than eating.
I'm aware that's what WotC and TSR put out. I was offering an alternative interpretation.
Another would be that their leather lasts a really long time, or that elves, while eating less meat than modern Americans, still eat about as much as medieval Europeans.

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Elves already get the shaft in D&D. I have no desire to make that problem worse.
Adding on an LA would also require making them worth the LA - which, at the very least, would mean they'd need to lose the CON penalty.

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Perhaps, although my impression is that elves would still have a lighter build than a human of above-average strength.
Eh. I have a physique that's pretty similar to an elf's (albeit on the top end of their range). I look pretty scrawny, especially compared to most of the guys I work with. When we do combatives, I throw around guys who outweigh me by a good fifty pounds with brute force alone (God knows it ain't technique). Bulk and strength don't necessarily equate. This reflects in the elf's distinct lack of a Strength penalty. I have to work harder for endurance than I do for burst strength, and I'm easier to break than a bigger Joe is - which is in line with the Constitution penalty. I'm a clumsy stumbleduck, though, so at least there's that break. Thus, it seems rather fishy for you to be saying that because elves are skinny, they can't use a longbow.