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For the most part, full-time education. From 15, you have your last year of school, one or two years of college/sixth form, and three to seven years of uni ahead of you.

By the time you finish that, you should have learned to cook, if nothing else (the students who try to subsist on peanut butter, chocolate spread, and pot noodles are generally the ones who are only semi-catered and aren't allowed cooking equipment in their rooms).
Yes, that's pretty much what we said. Your brain doesn't really hit 'mature' until around 21-23, so why is it so much of a stretch for an elf's to take significantly longer? They're already plenty unnatural with their stupid-long lifespans, so why not have a prolonged period of adolescence as a side-affect?

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There's more to strength than raw muscle mass, sure -- muscle density does play a part. But there's a limit to how far you can get on density alone.
I have the rough equivalent of STR 16. I know a guy who's smaller than me with STR 18 (going by the carry capacity tables and the results of us fooling around in the gym). Mass is highly overrated.

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Note that the D&D rules effectively forbid humans from using longbows effectively as well (a human can't attain the requisite strength score on the average array, and I'm not convinced it's even possible using the elite array) -- it's not just an elf thing.
Where? You can't be talking about composite longbows, the minimum for one of those is +0, STR 10. Regular longbows don't even list a minimum STR score.