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    Rosalia Nacari

    Alias: Rose

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Human // Vampire

    Age: 28 // Turned 21

    Profession: AMENite

    Power Rating: B-

    Description: Rose has the pale skin, red eyes, and fangs typical of a vampire, but there are some important differences. She is beautiful, and not naturally so. The best way to put it is that she is divinely beautiful. Her skin is flawless, her billowing, silver hair is never out of place. Even covered in blood, which she frequently is, she still has that look of angelic beauty. But don't be mistaken, she still looks dangerous. Her vampire features give the divine beauty a ferocious edge. Her eyes always have a wild look in them. She wears a flowing, low cut, black dress, as is suitable of female vampires. She has elegent, elbo length gloves that never seem to suffer damage in a fight. Adorning her waist and hair are her trophies of her angel kill. They are made of gold and white feathers from the angel's wings.

    Personality: Rose is savage and feral. She is wild, but can easily control herself when it becomes necessary. She has a certain cunning about her that makes her deadly in a fight. Although, she can quickly become blinded by bloodlust and rage. In her laid back moments, she has an amazing ability to be cruel. She delights in the suffering of others and has a tendency to be mocking and rude. She veiws mortals as lesser beings, as cattle, and sees vampires as superior to all other beings.

    - A short, curved sword. It is weighted for throwing and, with some concentration, she can return it to her hand.
    - A golden belt and hair clip. Both are trophies of the angel she killed, that in they are decorated by the angel's feathers.

    ~Can turn into a bat, a wolf, or a cloud of smoke at will.
    ~Has unnatural strength that exceeds that of a normal man.
    ~Can regenerate, but at a slow pace.
    ~Can suck the blood of the living by biting them. She can turn them into a vampire, but it is something that has to be done deliberately.
    ~Can hypnotize someone if that person is weak minded enough, but only if she is able to stare them directly in the eye for about 3 seconds.
    ~Is allergic to garlic. It weakens her and makes her vomit. It won't kill her.
    ~When exposed to the sun, she is weakened to a less than human level.
    ~Burns when in contact with anything holy. Only if there is a particularly strong belief in it that is close-by, so she's not going to be harmed by the "holy vampire cloak" of "hocus pocus religion on the other side of the world".
    ~Is paralyzed if a piece of wood (stake or not) goes through her heart. It won't kill her, but she won't be able to move, think, or do anything at all until some nice (re; stupid) passerby removes it.
    ~Can't cross running water.
    ~Can't enter a home uninvited.

    Backstory: Rose never did fit in with the rest of society in Gul-Thadar. She was hard to control and dangerous, even as a human. When she was turned certain arrangements had to be made. She just wouldn't conform to the life of a civilized vampire. One might question why they tolerated her. Why not just be rid of her like so many other problem vampires? The reason was that she was useful. She was a blunt object to be directed at a problem and it would go away. Violently and messily go away. She's powerful and has a certain cunning about her. She'd been associated with Ramiro for a few months before coming to the Nexus. When she heard that Ramiro and others were leaving, she took the opportunity to go somewhere where the laws constraining her were a bit less ridged.

    Miscellaneous: She is addicted to angel blood despite the harm it does to her, and will crave it over the blood of mortals. Drinking it has changed her significantly.

    Thanks to a certain flesh warping vampire, Rose's bones have been greatly strengthened and a bone shell encases her heart.

    - Matthew Vulpan
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