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    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Chain Devil // Brachina Variant

    Age: Old

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Profession: Procure of Souls

    Power Rating: C-

    Description: Esme's favorite disguise is that of a beautiful, exotic young woman. (Not particularly exotic by the Nexus' standards of course.) Her skin is a copper colour and her hair is long, flowing, and black. She has pretty red eyes. She wears a low cut orange dress that is slit all the way up one leg and accents her curves perfectly. An orange bandana is wrapped around her head and gold hoop earings dangle from her ears.

    Her true form has many differences, but it remains similar. The most striking difference it that her hair is replaced by lengths of fine jewelry chain. Her features become slightly more angular, but are still basically the same. Her clothing is completely replaced with lengths of strategically placed chains.

    Personality: Esme is professional in her work, but she isn't afraid to take a certain pleasure in it too. She enjoys the control she can have over others. She doesn't really care for her victims except for their capacity to supply her with souls. However, she is masterful in making people believe the opposite.

    - A ruby ring that can store a single soul.

    Abilities: Esme's abilities are quite subtle. Their purpose is to make stealing people's souls possible.

    One method involves seduction. Her touch and presence, to a lesser degree, have the effect of making people more comfortable around her for various reasons can be directed to make the person desire her. This effect is especially potent when used through a kiss and much more so through curtaining.

    Promises of power are another common method. She has the ability to grant power in exchange for a soul. She can also make her promises sound much more compelling.

    She can also capture a soul after someone is killed in a particular way. Said way not yet defined. More than likely an unpleasant experience, even by the standards of dying.

    Backstory: Esme is an experienced soul collector. She's been to many different dimensions to do her work. When not on a job she dwells in the Hells. She likes being in the mortal realms much more than the Hells, so she works a lot.

    Miscellaneous: Any person that Esme has been working toward gaining their soul will have an incorporeal chain extending from their chest to her hand. The chain is only visible when she wills it or she can't focus on making it invisible.
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