Tasgoth Tzarzathia Ts'isse

Alias: Tas for short
Gender: Non-gendered (Masculin appearance)
Race/Species: Tzarzian (Humanoid Plant, FROM SPACE)
Age: 327 cycles [Approx mid-30s]
Alignment: Has Blue/Orange morality, as being both an alien as well as plant-based gives him different views on actions. Best defined by a Chaotic Good alignment.
Class/Profession: Explorer
Power Rating: About C+, Rank 5
Description: Tasgoth is roughly humanoid in shape, witht eh standard pair of arms, legs, a body and head, his skin best resembling bark in various shades of brown. He only has 3 fingers, each one thick and long with a hard thorn on the tip fo each that acts as a claw. His feet are wider and ratehr than having toes it simply splits into various root-like structures. When standing in soil for long enought he roots would begin growing into the ground.
His head is where the bark texture of his skin smooths out, his eyes a solid dark green and oval shaped, his mouth non-existant as he requires none to speak. He has three large slits between his two long eyes that open and close periodicly. His abdomen does not rise so it is unlikely he ues this nose-like to actually breathe. He has no ears, simply brightly colored spots where his ears would be. His head has several tendrils that are best described as dreadlocks, pulled back and growing down the back of his neck and where his 'spine' would be. He also has a few branch-like structures that grow alogn his brow, their purpose unknown.
Overall his build would be bes described as 'athletic' though his musculature is mostly just appereance as he has no real musculature system, instead they're replaced by strong, sinew plant fibers that dpo not wear out like muscle. He is roughly 6' 8'', and his arms, legs, and neck all seem stretched out, being a bit longer than a human's. He wears no actual clothing as he has no concept of 'modesty' or 'fashion' and simply wears a metal belt which contains several alien tools, a bracelet which seems to act as a communicator of sorts, and an ornamental crescent that wrests on his collar, held in place by the texture of his skin. It seems to be only ornamental in purpose.
Personality: Tas is highly curious, especially about fleshlings (what he refers humans, elves, and other creatures of flesh and bone as). He asks all sorts of questions, hiding his excitment as best he can. Since he does not speak with vocalizations his method of communication makes lieing more difficult, and he has a habit of asking inappropriate questions, as his race doesn't have the same sense of self as some fleshling races do. He also loves to share stories, fascinated by things he's never heard of and places he's never been to (but would really liek to go to them). While his behavior at times seems very hurried and in the moment, his long term thoughts and plans are very set and do not change easily. He is slow to adapt to new things, but willing to at least try. Social curtosies are foreign to him so he can be a bit abrassive and get in peoples' personal space often.
Equipment: Alien utility belt - contains a strange sort of technology that 'grows' tools Tas needs, limited only by the tool requiring only mechanical functioning or chemical functioning.
Metal Wrist Bracelet - Opens to reval a holographic screen that Tas apparently uses to communicate with his ship, as well as beign used for recording, scanning and analyzing.
Chest Circlet - Smooth metal, reminiscent of a doublestung-longbow. Purpose unknonw, ornamental?
Ship - Sentient metalic ship, made of a solid frame with a 'liquid metal' skin that forms all of the interior as well as the exterior shape and weapons. Non-metalic internal parts are 'carried' and held in place by the liquid metal, which is solid most of the time unless reshaping, and can reliquify than solidify at any time. Ship is named Adalae and has a feminine personality, is very protective of Tas and treats most other creatures with mild annoyance. 'She' speaks telapathicly and is capable of atmospheric, intergalactic, and hyper-space travel. While she can create some impressive weapons and is ana gile craft her derfenses are limited.
Abilities: Tas is a plant-based life form, able to survive on very little. His abilities are varied and include:
Spore Communication - Tas speaks to other creatures through spores that float passively throught eh air around him. these spores are completely harmless and allow him to speak directly to a subject for as long as the spores exist. Spores will last for as long as 2 weeks, at which time Tas can speak to an individual introduced to them from as far as several miles away. The spores do not work on non-organic creatures or undead so his speech with these creatures is limited, as his vocalizations would make no sense to them. Anyone who is around Tas for prolonged periods of time can maintain the link for longer than normal. Tas can hear, but verbal communication takes time to translate. Telepathic communication is met with a relief, as while he cannot not initaite it, he has little problems speaking back and forth once a telepath has made contact. The spores tend to translate emoitons and intent with the words and ideas so sarcasm and lieing are harder to get past.
Resilence - Tas is made of a tough organic material that is plant-based, allownig him to recover quickly from even severe injuries, even regrow limbs. He is very strong for his size and does not tire. He does not truely sleep, but meditates for a couple of hours every few days for similar reasons and to process all that he has learned recently. When in direct sunlight his strength and durability is further increased.
Malleable - He has some limited control of his body, allowing him to extend his reach a short distance and form crude weapons on his body. His body also can easilly dissipate the impact of a flat blow like a blunt weapon or falling, making these types of damage less effective against him.
Susceptible - His body, being plant based, can catch fire more easily than a human's flesh, and while the damage woudl heal and he doesn't actually feel the pain the same way, it would dry him out and make the burnt regions more brittle. Poisons and spells that specifically target plants also affect him
Dependent - He can go a few days without it but water is very important to him. He can absorb a gallon of water directly through his skin, especially his roots. He can also draw nutrients from soil with his roots and to him different soils have different tastes. Offering him exotic and exceptionally nutritious soil can give him a boost of energy (liek coffe!) Likewise he requires an hours worth of sunlight every week or his body starts to shrivel. After 4 weeks without sunlight he is too weak to stand and his skin becomes very pale, with some of it peeling off.
Plant specific - Tas can speak to plants and encourage their growth, as well as command plant based life-forms of low intelligence. Plant creatures that are not purely chaotic evil are friendly towards him, and even wild 'evil' plantlife is less hostile towards him than usual.
Backstory: To be filled in later (cause I've written a lot) Short Version:
Tas is an explorer for his people from a distant galaxy. He and his ship, whom he's telepathicly bound to, travel from system to system analyzing, categorizing, and having some adventures here and there. They were sucked into the Nexus which doesn't seem to bother them much. They are unaware of a horrible fate that has befallen their home system.
Miscellaneous: As a non-gendered being, as well as plant based and alien, social context is unknown to him and he doesn't understand fleshling concepts the same way, though he might have analogous ideas of his own that can be related.