Mostly I'm posting here to chime in on the feat retraining. Ever since Monte Cooke's excellent Fighters Fighters and Mo' Fighters book (Iron Heroes) had one of his Fighter Equivalents be able to retrain some feats on the fly, I've done a very limited thing in my games: a couple of the bonus feats (up to 3) that the fighter learns throughout his career are variable feats in this style.

At one, it's a fun ability. At two, it's tactically interesting, as you can suddenly switch your spec and go down a different road for the day. At three, it starts to feel like you are some kind of feat-wizard. If it's really ALL those feats, I think that's way too much- you'd feel like a feat-cleric I would think.

I would recommend you first test with either a limited number of variable feats, or a "feat pool" like a wizard's spellbook.

The full round as a standard... that wasn't just something fighters had in earlier editions, EVERYONE could pull that stunt. Also remember that total number of attacks was much lower, and that BAB didn't diminish. I think diminishing +hit is as clever as I did the first day we were all in my old apartment cracking open our rushed delivery 3.0 PHBs, but I'm less pleased with the onerous requirements for full attacks (since everyone was always hasted starting at around 8th level, we still had that functionality throughout 3.0 :P ).

What I am trying in the game I'm currently in is this:

Once you are entitled to 3 attacks (11 BAB), your standard actions and attacks of opportunity can become double strikes, the first strike at your highest attack bonus, and the second at that -10. It's only -8 if your second attack is with a different weapon (two weapon fighting). This means that your standard action scales in a more limited fashion than your full attack- you basically get your 1st and 3rd attacks. Is this good? I don't know, it's not tested yet. I just figured you might be interested because you want to address the same problem as me. But *just* giving it to fighters (especially at 7th level- I would think this would be more like 9th, and have some associated penalty to represent time lost) seems like you'll have to do this same remake to the paladin, barbarian, and ranger, because at a minimum all the full BAB guys are gonna want in on this.

Looking at your archetypes, which one is a town guard?

Anyway, good luck.