I'm concerned that you keep the only arguable broken part of the original duelist, which is the +10 AC at 10th level when fighting defensively.

I really don't get the dim anchor part, and as (Ex) that strikes me as wildly out of place. Can't you have a cleric dim anchor the guy that is gonna get away? Once you start putting in counters to counters as class abilities you are metagaming class design! It also doesn't make since. Since when is Zorro or the Three Musketeers a portable 4th level passive spell effect with (Ex)?

I really like the buff to precise strike. I have a guy who will go duelist in the game I'm in. I'm just going to have him run the Paizo duelist (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/p...s/duelist.html). They buffed it to a flat +10 at 10th level. Certainly the 3.5 one is too low, given what you are passing up by using a singleton combat technique.

Penetrating Strike is delicious, 10/10. Improved Penetrating Strike I don't know about, because I've always allowed Power Attack as it seems a very core mechanic for some weapons to be left out. Your top one is also very good.

Riposte seems very misnamed.