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Thread: The Duelist-D&D3.5 Prestige Class[PEACH]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Monbodo View Post
    I'm somewhat disappointed that all these skills prevent use of an off-hand weapon. Surely a dueling dagger could be used alongside the rapier.
    It prevents the use of an offhand weapon as an attack. I explicitly avoided forbidding holding a weapon in the offhand, so that you could have a parrying dagger as well (I'm pretty sure there's one in some splat book that gives a bonus to defenses while you hold it, if not you can at least have a weapon with the defensive property), as long as you used it for that purpose and not attacking, it shouldn't interfere with any class abilities.

    I'm a bit limited on time right now, but I'll respond in depth to you cfalcon a little bit later.
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