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You have that here...
Well, this rule just lets fighters at 7th level make full attacks as standard actions. That doesn't cover it for everyone, it covers it for explicitly just fighters. It also seems too generous, and a benefit that stacks with high levels not seen yet.

Pretend it came in at 8th level... and what if it let you take your *second* attack during the standard action, but all attacks are at a -2? So you spend 5 levels with one attack, then 3 levels with 2 attacks but only on a full round, then 2 levels with 2 attacks on a full round -or- two attacks with a penalty for a standard?

Then we have another ability that comes it at 13th level. This one lets you take a *third* attack during the standard action, and all the attacks are at -2 (upgrading the old ability).

Then a final one at 18th level, doing the same thing for the 4th attack.

These could be tied to BAB, or they could just be how the fighter does it- but in the second case, you still need to update for everyone.