Just a heads up: I DID look over the watchful and weapon master fighters, but I didn't have a whole lot of interesting input on them.

It does kinda suck that the Watchful Fighter has no options in fighting styles, whereas every other style offers at least 2 choices at each fighting style level.

Also, no crowd-control for watchful in feat support (though obviously, a Fighter is well-suited to the plethora of feats required to make that work). I'm always trying to find a way to make a sword/shield guy able to tank as well as Huge + Spiked chain + Stand Still/Improved Trip. It's flippin' hard.

Oh, one idea I had and a correction concerning the same ability. First the correction:

I think Exceptional Strength needs changed to read "add an extra amount of damage equal to 50% of your strength bonus" instead of "increase your strength bonus by 50%". The latter can be read to say "I have a 22 STR, so a +6 bonus, which is +9 when 2-handing, which is +13 with Exceptional Strength." I do believe that wasn't your intention.

Idea, either as a choice for all level 3 Fighters to take in place of Exceptional Strikes, or as a bonus feat for watchful fighters (I prefer the latter): Unstoppable Strikes or Steadfast Swings or what-have-you. Basically, give up the benefits of Exceptional Strength to add Con to damage. Either requiring 1-handed weapons or forcing 2-handers to give up 1.5 STR if they use the ability.

Good work and stuff.