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    (1st Lieutenant) Blaine Bersher Cainen
    Alias: BBC; Cain
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 20
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class/Profession: Soldier/Combat Engineer/Weapons Specialist/Tech
    Power Rating: B
    Description: Blaine stands at a total height of approximately 6’1”. He weighs approximately 210 lbs with only about 3% of that weight being comprised of fat. His hair is of a sleek, ebony tone. The hair on his head is generally two inches long and, of course, cut and styled regularly, as any crew cut should be. His skin is dark tan. Blaine is rather muscular (which is a requisite if one is to survive what he has endured). His muscle groups are as immaculate as the muscle groups of a human can possibly be. His chin is pronounced and cleft. Blaine’s eyes are orbs of a cerulean tone. His forehead features no widows peak. His nose is neither too long, nor too short. Blaine is consistently well-groomed and clean shaven. His cheekbones are high. Being a product of military eugenics, Blaine is thought to be an embodiment of the “perfect” human, though in reality he is as imperfect as they come.
    Personality: Blaine seems quite haughty, but actually harbors quite a bit of self doubt. He and his brethren were designed to exemplify the perfect warrior. The pressure placed upon Blaine to be flawless in everything he does has had a profound negative effect on his psyche. Blaine is cruel and efficient. He hates everyone equally. He will not hesitate to exact brutal punishments on criminals, many featuring prolonged torture followed by isolation. Blaine prefers to allow those who would cross him to take their own lives. They make a better deterrent if they are so traumatized that they no longer wish to exist. There is a reason for Blaine’s merciless, sadistic nature, but that is best left to be revealed IC. Blaine is skeptical of people who claim that their intentions are “good” or “evil.” Blaine understands that there is no such thing as good or evil, merely there is and there isn’t. It is also worth noting that Blaine suffers sporadically from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (also known as Battle Fatigue). His perfect memory occasionally forces him to relive gruesome events from his life before the Nexus. These often take the form of nightmares, plaguing Blaine while he sleeps, driving him towards the gaping precipice commonly referred to as insanity. In spite of Blaine’s imperfections, he possesses many “good” attributes. He is: always willing to help those in need (whether he appears as though he wants to help is another story), completely loyal, committed to performing all tasks assigned to him to the best of his ability, eternally seeking self-improvement, thoughtful, (occasionally) kind, reliable in a crisis, militaristic (which may be good or bad, depending on how someone is interacting with him), logical, and encouraging. Music plays a very critical role in his life as well. He relies on music to offer him a reprieve from his station in life. When Blaine hears music he favors, he becomes open and relaxed, even “fun” to be around.
    Equipment: At current, nothing more than a solid, mundane, black jumpsuit with a many pockets and zippers.
    -Blaine possesses a few psychic abilities. Blaine can: move items with his mind, bend space a bit to make distances shorter or longer, send off a psychic energy pulse to throw all items and energy near his location away from his location, establish neural links with other beings’ minds (allowing them to enhance (or impede) each other’s abilities and reaction times, utilize one another’s senses, and share memories), perceive objects without seeing them, (attempt to) force intangible forces to become corporeal, and create psychic shields to prevent items or beings from entering certain areas as long as he continues to focus on maintaining said shields.
    -Blaine is able to construct various advanced technologies. He is skilled in multiple fields of engineering.
    -Blaine can stabilize wounds. He can’t heal them, but stabilization is better than nothing.
    -The intensity of Blaine's training has decreased his reaction time.
    -Blaine has a high pain threshold.
    -Blaine is highly trained in unarmed combat. It can be argued that he excels in unarmed combat more than he does in armed combat. His fighting style hinges on speed rather than power, avoiding blows and eradicating the enemy with "bug bites" rather than "boulders."
    -Blaine can utilize various weapons in combat. If an item can be used by humans in combat, Blaine will find a way. For conventional weapons, it is likely that he will find the proper way (for example, firing a bullet from a rifle). If the weapon is alien in origin, it is likely that Blaine will, with proper time and resources, develop or realize a way to use the weapon that isn’t throwing it at a foe or using it to take shelter behind. Sorrowfully, he cannot make sense of how magical weapons operate.
    -Blaine can conduct cyber warfare operations. He isn’t as skilled at it as an AI would be, but he can perform decently in the event that a capable and friendly AI is nowhere to be found.
    -Blaine has a perfect memory.
    -Blaine’s will and psychic ability lessen the effects of mind-influencing magic.
    -Blaine’s mind is extremely tactical and logical.
    -Blaine’s strength, stamina, and speed are a smidgeon above average for a human of his age.
    -Blaine can play the piano, play the saxophone, and sing.
    -Blaine has an immunity to assorted types of venom (particularly the snake venom). Having poison frequently forced into one’s body does have a benefit or two.
    -Blaine’s immune system is weak. This is due to the fact that he has been literally pumped full of antibiotics since his “birth.”
    -Blaine doesn’t quite know how to casually interact with people. He is at ease around military personnel and can effectively communicate with them. When Blaine is surrounded by normal people (or, in the case of the Nexus, abnormal people), however, he becomes very rigid, pompous, and socially awkward.
    -Blaine speaks English exclusively, not Common. Hopefully, this obstacle will be quickly overcome.
    -Blaine suffers from bouts with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and all of the nasty effects which accompany it. When Blaine is suffering from this ailment, his psychic defenses are lowered, making him quite vulnerable to mental suggestion and assault.
    Backstory: All that can be currently ascertained about Blaine is that he is a soldier from another plane. When the backstory is revealed IC, it will be added here shortly thereafter.
    Favorite Music: Fortunate Son (Clearance Clearwater Revival)
    Favorite Quote: “ ” (Gordon Freeman, Half-Life Series) (“Why? Because Freeman lets his bullets do the communicating for him!”)
    Favorite Color: Navy
    Blood Type: O- Saturated With Poison
    Voice: Blaine's voice is in the tenor range. It is a rich, booming voice. Blaine speaks with a slight British accent.
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