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The one rules question I have (other than those already directly answered), is the wording of Elan's Poorly Planned Illusion. It states in the results that player 'MAY' move a monster to an adjacent room. We all took that to mean that it was an optional effect, and that the Elan player could either defeat the monster or move the monster.
You may choose not to move the monster, yes. However, you cannot choose to kill the monster, because the result text does not specifically allow you to cause any Wounds. If you don't move a monster, it just stays in the room as if it were a draw.

Why he would choose to use the shtick and not take advantage of its movement capabilities is up to the player; I can think of several scenarios. For example, you might want to move Monster A to another dungeon floor (if stairs are present) to weaken a Support-using Monster B for your Attack on your next turn. So you might choose to move Monster A, and not Monster B. Remember that PPI is an area effect, so you can pick and choose which monsters you move and where.

The important point is, you CANNOT cause a Wound with a Battle Shtick unless it specifically says it can cause a Wound. PPI doesn't say that, so it can't be used to kill monsters.

So the card is technically correct as-is, but it is definitely one for the FAQ, as on the surface, it could seem confusing.