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    In the rules it says that when two players battle, the defending player gets to offer loot for help to one player first, then the attacker and back and forth. Can the defending player offer one loot to a person, then after the attacker offers loot to another person, offer more loot to the first person they gave loot to?

    Can the defender (or attacker) offer multiple loots at the same time to the same person?

    Haley's Schtick that allows her to look through the loot pile and choose which loots to take seems oddly worded. It says if there are one or more loots in the room she may do this, however it also implies that if there is a stack of only traps then a trap must be spung. However, the rules suggest that a player can choose not to take loot in the room after beating monsters. If you use this Schtick, do you have to take one or two loots from the room, or can you choose to take no loot? If you have to take loot than what is the point of specifically saying that you can use the card if there is one loot in the room?

    The rules say that you cannot give an NPC a loot to help you if that loot is drooled over by a current player in the game. What if the loot is drooled over by me and an NPC, can I still not give the NPC the loot? The rules also indicate that I cannot trade a loot away that I drool over, which might make my last question moot. However, I bring this up because in your FAQ you say that a player can give loot to another player even if the player giving it away would drool over it.

    The Schitck rules say that after you turn in monsters with enough XP for a new Schtick you take three from the top and choose one, while putting the remaining two at the bottom of the deck. Does that mean that you cannot shuffle the deck after you did this, since it seems the remaining two are supposed to be at the bottom?

    What happens if people use up all of the dungeon room tiles? Lets say people just arent able to find the stares down for a while on botht he first and second floors. And now all the dungeon tile shave been used, but they havent reached the third floor yet. What do you do when you move to a new room or do find the stares to the third floor? Should there be a maximum floor size to keep this from being a problem?
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