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Problem I have with that is Trip, Disarm, and Bullrush coming from a (typically) medium creature using a one handed or light weapon with low strength is going to have really low checks on those maneuvers, even with the int bonus added to it. Maybe making it +Duelist Level + Int Mod on those as well could make that workable, though it'd still be pretty weak against most monstrous opponents.
I know this ability isn't going to work well against a number of foes, which is why you can never justify spending the feats required to be decent at them. That said these type of abilities are core to the archetype in literature and would love to see them get some support. Playing a duelist with out the ability to disarm, just isn't a duelist at all. If it were up to me I would use my ability (or something similar) at the level 5 and move your current 5th level ability to level 9.

A sneaky way to improve Trip/Disarm/Bullrush is give the Duelist the ability to treat all foes as Medium. This would negate most monsters huge advantages will keeping him from being too good against humanoids.

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Fair enough, my thought was though that instead of gaining damage through raw strength, the duelist could essentially make a called shot, taking a penalty to hit to gain increased damage. And yes, the increased damage at max level exceeds that of a level 1 greatsword barbarian, because that greatsword barbarian still has advantages in terms of damage that the Duelist does not, namely the 1.5xstr to damage. And of course once you look at somethign past 1st level you likely have more Power Attack multipliers which brings the Barbarian's far above the Duelist's.
I understand where you're getting your flavor justification from, but don't forget that this is already a full BAB class getting precision damage. And while it's certainly possible to boost PA multipliers, they are almost exclusively limited to charge attacks. Finally while I know PA is a good mechanical representation of "called shot" I still desire for this class to be mechanically different from the Two-handed super brutes.

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Other possible option: Go the 4e route and make Precision damage dice maximize on a crit.
I like this much better. A simple Maximize Precision damage on a critical at 7th and double critical multiplier at 10th should work well.

Mongoose Reflexes: Don't forget to edit the table.
Cunning Feint: Fine as is, nothing else really needed
Light Armor: Could go either way on this issue. If you do change it I would make it 1/level for INT bonus and 1/2 level for elaborate parry (-4 for +4 to +7).

Currently most duelists will still wear armor until 3rd level since their armor bonus will be better than canny defense bonus and they don't lose any other class features. Then from level 4 on Elaborate parry is so good (+8 up to +12) that that the majority of the time they will be using it (particularly since opportunist requires a miss to work until level 9).

Using the light armor changes should flatten AC curve. Allowing them to slowly improve their AC and force them to make a harder decision on whether or not to use elaborate parry.