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I like the class a lot, but it feels odd that it gets so many bonuses for a high Intelligence and none for Dexterity or Strength. I guess they'd need Dex for Weapon Finesse, but it's a physical fighter, no matter how cunning, and it feels wrong that their skill becomes independent of physical ability once they enter the class.
They still use Dex to hit, and for Armor (the int to AC adds to it), and for initiative. The int bonus applies to Armor, half to initiative, and to a few other special things, such as your penalty from challenge, or the bonus for taking AoOs, but overall, Dexterity is still going to be your more important stat. The class adds int to a lot of things, primarily because there are no int bonuses in melee combat as a default, whereas dexterity by default is a particularly valuable stat that already does basically everything you could want except damage (which it can do with the Shadow Blade feat).

Now I could see the argument for making it dex bonus instead of int for cunning feint, but pretty much everything else I think applying int is doing what it should.

Other nitpicks:

Requiring precision damage as a class feature precludes swordsages with Assassin's Stance from qualifying. If that's not your intention, you might want to change the wording.
The Swordsage could still qualify, it'd just be a later entry. I'd rather not have someone qualifying early with a stance that can be swapped out or picked up with a feat.

Opportunist should probably specify that the opponent must be in melee with the duelist to provoke AoEs. The way it's written, the duelist gets an AoO from across the room. And I guess the whole "within reach" part of the Challenge feature is written to allow spiked chain users, but it could use clearer wording.

Otherwise, great class!
The Within reach part of challenge is to allow for things that grant extra reach, such as becoming large. I don't think there's a lot of one handed reach weapons out there, but if there are any, yes it would function. Opportunist explicitly does not work if you attack with a weapon in your offhand, I would consider attacking with a weapon held in two hands as using the offhand, though I suppose I could clarify that.

There are several features that would work with a spiked chain and the like, but the majority of those (ie the control and damage features) are not features that a spiked chain user would actually want to use. It's a case of you can do it, but it's hardly optimal.