Twilight Dragon
Dragon (Spirit, Chaos, Evil, Good, Law)
Environment: Any land or underground; commonly found on the Prime, the Outlands, and the Astral Plane.
Organization: Wyrmling, very young, young, juvenile, and young adult: solitary, or clutch (2Ė5); adult, mature adult, old, very old, ancient, wyrm, or great wyrm: solitary, pair, or family (2-5).
Challenge Ratings: Honestly Iíd like some advice for the younger age categories. The older ones fall into my Epic CRs do not function category.
Treasure: Triple standard.
Alignment: Always true neutral.
Twilight dragons are a reclusive species of dragons that maintain the balance of the multiverse. They are beings that have an intuitive sense of the nature of things and seek out ways to preserve reality so that all may prosper.

They donít, normally, do this altruistically. Instead they are creatures born of Ioís blood and share his nine-fold nature being equal parts Law and Chaos, Good and Evil, existing in a harmonious balance. To them an imbalance towards either of these extremes can cause great discomfort. Some feel this on the local level, making them into seemingly cruel dictators who squash happiness and sorrow with equal pleasure. Others feel this on a cosmic scale and have been known to seek out and maintain this balance on not just one, but many worlds at once. A very few choose a side, allowing their belief that they have chosen rightly to override the pain caused by rebelling against their nature. These are few and far between, but I know of ones who do thus.

I could write books on their habits, but I will be brief. They are powerful mages, capable of countering the attempts of other mages nearby and instinctually sensing all magic performed within a region of several thousand feet in their oldest ages. The older members are more resistant to magic than even golems, although capable of lowering such protection without even the need for conscious thought.

A twilight dragon looks similar to a red dragon save in size and color. They are larger than a red of the same age, and a skilled observer can easily tell the difference between a wyrmling and a very young dragon regardless of size similarities (body proportions are one of the easiest signs to observe). Their scales, though, are a silvery-grey which begins dull but takes on a lustrous blue sheen as they age.

-Zasper the Dragon Sage.

{table]Age| Size| Hit Dice | HP | Str| Dex| Con| Int| Wis| Cha| BAB/Grp| Atk| Fort| Ref| Will| Breath Weapon Damage| Breath Weapon DC| Frightful Presence
Wyrmling| L| 14d12+42 | 133 | 27| 10| 17| 14| 15| 14| 14/26| 21| 15| 12| 14| 4d10| 23 |-
Very Young| L| 18d12+72 | 189 | 29| 10| 19| 16| 17| 18| 18/31| 26| 20| 16| 19| 8d10| 26 | 26
Young | H| 22d12+132 | 275 | 33| 10| 23| 20| 21| 22| 22/41| 31| 25| 19| 24| 12d10| 30 | 30
Juvenile| H| 26d12+208 | 377 | 37| 10| 27| 22| 23| 26| 26/47| 37| 30| 22| 29| 16d10| 34 | 34
Young Adult| G| 30d12+270 | 465 | 41| 10| 29| 26| 27| 30| 30/57| 41| 34| 25| 33| 20d10| 37 | 38
Adult| G| 34d12+374 | 595 | 45| 10| 33| 30| 31| 34| 34/63| 47| 39| 28| 38| 24d10| 41 | 42
Mature Adult| G| 38d12+456 | 703 | 47| 10| 35| 34| 35| 38| 38/69| 53| 43| 31| 43| 28d10| 44 | 46
Old | C| 42d12+588 | 861 | 51| 10| 39| 38| 39| 42| 42/78| 58| 48| 34| 48| 32d10| 48 | 50
Very Old| C| 46d12+690 | 989 | 55| 10| 41| 42| 43| 46| 46/84| 64| 52| 37| 53| 36d10| 51 | 54
Ancient| C| 50d12+850 | 1175 | 59| 10| 45| 46| 47| 50| 50/90| 70| 57| 40| 58| 40d10| 55 | 58
Wyrm | C| 54d12+1026 | 1377 | 63| 10| 49| 50| 51| 54| 54/96| 76| 62| 43| 63| 44d10| 59 | 62
Great Wyrm | C+| 58d12+1218 | 1595 | 67| 10| 53| 54| 55| 58| 58/102| 82| 67| 46| 68| 48d10| 63 | 66[/table]
{table]Age |Speed |Init |AC |SR |Special Abilities |Caster Level
Wyrmling |60-ft, fly 250-ft (good) |+0 |22 (-1 size, +13 natural) |25 |Immune to mind-affecting effects and death effect, DR 5/magic, ghost touch, smite, Nine-In-One |-
Very Young |60-ft, fly 250-ft (good) |+0 |28 (-1 size, +17 natural, +2 deflection) |30 |Twilight Grace |1st
Young |60-ft, fly 300-ft (average) |+0 |32 (-2 size, +21 natural, +3 deflection) |35 |DR 10/magic |4th
Juvenile |60-ft, fly 300-ft (average) |+0 |37 (-2 size, +25 natural, +4 deflection) |40 |Discern Magic, Reactive Counterspell |7th
Young Adult |60-ft, fly 300-ft (average) |+0 |40 (-4 size, +29 natural, +5 deflection) |45 |DR 15/magic |10th
Adult |60-ft, fly 350-ft (poor) |+0 |45 (-4 size, +33 natural, +6 deflection) |50 |Twilight Disjunction |13th
Mature Adult |60-ft, fly 350-ft (poor) |+0 |50 (-4 size, +37 natural, +7 deflection) |55 |DR 20/magic and 5/unaligned |16th
Old |60-ft, fly 350-ft (poor) |+0 |51 (-8 size, +41 natural, +8 deflection) |infinite |Spell Immunity |19th
Very Old |60-ft, fly 350-ft (poor) |+0 |56 (-8 size, +45 natural, +9 deflection) |infinite |DR 20/epic and 10/unaligned |22nd
Ancient |60-ft, fly 400-ft (poor) |+0 |61 (-8 size, +49 natural, +10 deflection) |infinite |Twilight Action |25th
Wyrm |60-ft, fly 400-ft (poor) |+0 |66 (-8 size, +53 natural, +11 deflection) |infinite |DR 20/epic and unaligned |28th
Great Wyrm |60-ft, fly 400-ft (poor) |+0 |71 (-8 size, +57 natural, +12 deflection) |infinite |Immunity to ability damage and drain, immunity to stun and daze |31st[/table]

Breath Weapon (Su): A twilight dragon has two breath weapons. The first is a cone of force dealing the listed force damage. The second is a burst of dispelling magic which acts as an area dispel magic effect centered on a space within the dragonís bite reach. The twilight dragon is unaffected by itís own dispelling breath. The dragon uses its hit dice as the bonus on the dispel check, and there is no maximum bonus. See the table below for the burst radius for the dispelling breath.
{table]Size |Burst Radius
Gargantuan |80-ft
Colossal |100-ft

Ghost Touch (Su): A twilight dragonís natural weapons are considered to have the ghost touch property giving them the ability to strike incorporeal creatures freely. In addition they may choose to physically interact with ethereal creatures and objects as if they were corporeal on the Prime.

Smite (Su): Once per day per age category, a twilight dragon may declare a single melee attack a smite. This attack gains a bonus to hit equal to the twilight dragonís Charisma modifier (normally +2/age category) and a bonus to damage equal to the twilight dragonís racial hit dice. A twilight dragnonís smite attack functions on any creature regardless of alignment, but it has no function on true neutral mindless creatures and true neutral creatures with less than 3 Intelligence.

Nine-in-One (Su): When exposed to a spell that detects alignment (such as Detect Law or the Clerical version of True Seeing) a twilight dragon registers as every alignment. When a spell or effect has differing effects based upon alignment, a twilight dragon is affected by whichever is most beneficial. When a damaging effect does not affect creatures of a certain alignment a twilight dragon does not suffer the damage (making them immune to Smite Evil, Unholy Blight and Dictum, as well as negative levels from wielding an anarchic weapon if Lawful), when a beneficial effect can only be used on a creature of a certain alignment it functions on a twilight dragon (such as Greater Luminous Armor).

Twilight Grace (Su): A very young or older twilight dragon adds Ĺ its charisma modifier to all saving throws and as a deflection bonus to AC.

Spellcasting: A twilight dragon casts spells as a sorcerer of the indicated level. They may select cleric spells, as well as those from the Balance, Chaos, Evil, Good, and Law domains as sorcerer spells known.

Damage Reduction (Su): A twilight dragonís damage reduction is Supernatural. In addition once they reach the mature adult age category they gain resistance to any weapon that deals damage as if aligned (so any Unholy weapon, any Sacred weapon, weapons used by fiends, etc).

Discern Magic (Su): A juvenile or older twilight dragon automatically knows the location, target, CL, save DC, and nature (including specific spell, what metamagic is applied to it, and amount of metamagic reducers upon it, as well as what classís casting is used or if it is an invocation, or a different type of spell-like ability, or is produced via magic item) of any spell or spell-like ability (including Mysteries that are not Su, utterances, and psionic powers) used within 300-ft per age category. This is not an action, a twilight dragon simply knows this information automatically. It does not need line of sight or line of effect for this ability. A twilight dragon may allow any spell it senses in this way to overcome its Spell Resistance as easily as it senses the nature of the spell. This does not lower its spell resistance for other effects.

Reactive Counterspell (Su): A juvenile or older twilight dragon may attempt to counterspell any spell, or psionic power (but not Spell-like Ability or Psi-like ability), which it senses through Discern Magic and which it shares Line of Effect with the caster. Doing so requires an immediate action, and the twilight dragon makes a character level check with a DC of 10 + the CL of the effect. They may use this ability at will.

Twilight Disjunction (Sp): Three times per day an adult or older twilight dragon may use Twilight Disjunction. This ability functions like Mageís Disjunction except that magic items affected are not destroyed only rendered inert for 1d4 hours. Major Artifacts affected are only rendered inert for 1d4 minutes.

Spell Immunity (Su): An old or older twilight dragon gains effectively infinite SR. Unlike other creatures with spell immunity it may, through the use of Discern Magic, allow spells to affect it normally when it so chooses.

Twilight Action (Ex): An ancient or older twilight dragon may take an extra immediate action each round, and the 1st immediate action they use each round does not expend their swift action for the next round.

Skills: All skills are class skills for a twilight dragon.