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    Plague Dragon
    Dragon (Water)
    Environment: Temperate and warm swamps.
    Organization: Wyrmling, very young, young, juvenile, and young adult: solitary, or clutch (2Ė5); adult, mature adult, old, very old, ancient, wyrm, or great wyrm: solitary, pair, or family (2-5).
    Challenge Ratings: Wyrmling 3; very young 4; young 5; juvenile 8; young adult 11; adult 13; mature adult 16; old 18; very old 19; ancient 21; wyrm 22; great wyrm 24
    Treasure: Triple standard.
    Alignment: Always chaotic evil.

    Living in the depths of fetid bogs and swamps, plague dragons are hateful creatures that enjoy spreading disease to the ďlesserĒ creatures they encounter. Four of these beasts attacked me and my companions while I was gathering reagents for a certain magical ritual (I have yet to finish gathering all the necessary reagents but believe me I will eventually inform you of the results). This is when something happened that has postponed my research for the foreseeable future. While we fought off these four with no difficulty, in fact quite a bit of ease, another elder of the race attacked. Before we managed to fight it off, it managed to blast Sillana with its fetid breath weapon. While many of my companions came down with a disease I had not yet encountered, which I have since discovered is called the Black Spit, it proved easily cured by a simple expenditure of magical energy, although it did prove difficult and resistant to such attempts. Unfortunately Sillanaís proved completely immune, my research informs me that such a disease cannot be conventionally cured instead requiring a special ritual and special reagents unfortunately only found deep within the Abyss. As such I write this before heading onto an expedition into that demonic realm, to inform future travellers of the danger these dragons represent.

    These dragons have a dull brown hide, growing darker and nearer to black as they age. Their head has a single horn, reminiscent of both that of a blue dragon and that of a unicorn. For it has the spiral nature of an alicorn, but is short and stump-like, useless for actual combat, like a blue dragonís. This resemblance to a unicorn is puzzling as one has the power to alleviate others of plague while the other inflicts it, and begs for more research that I sadly lack the opportunity to perform at this moment.

    --Zasper the Dragon Sage

    Age Size Hit Dice Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha BAB/Grp Atk Fort Ref Will Breath Weapon Damage Breath Weapon DC Frightful Presence
    Wyrmling S 5d12+5 (37 hp) 13 10 13 8 11 8 5/2 7 5 4 4 2d4 13 -
    Very Young M 8d12+16 (66 hp) 15 10 15 8 11 8 8/10 10 8 6 6 4d4 16 -
    Young M 11d12+22 (93 hp) 17 10 15 10 11 10 11/14 14 9 7 7 6d4 17 -
    Juvenile L 14d12+42 (133 hp) 21 10 17 10 13 10 14/23 18 12 9 10 8d4 20 -
    Young Adult L 17d12+68 (178 hp) 23 10 19 12 13 12 17/27 22 14 10 11 10d4 22 19
    Adult H 20d12+80 (210 hp) 25 10 19 12 13 12 20/35 25 16 12 13 12d4 24 21
    Mature Adult H 23d12+115 (264 hp) 27 10 21 14 15 14 23/39 29 18 13 15 14d4 26 23
    Old H 26d12+130 (299 hp) 29 10 21 14 15 14 26/43 33 20 15 17 16d4 28 25
    Very Old H 29d12+174 (362 hp) 31 10 23 16 17 16 29/47 37 22 16 19 18d4 30 27
    Ancient G 32d12+224 (432 hp) 35 10 25 16 17 16 32/56 40 25 18 21 20d4 33 29
    Wyrm G 35d12+281 (508 hp) 37 10 27 18 19 18 35/60 44 27 19 23 22d4 35 31
    Great Wyrm G 38d12+343 (590 hp) 39 10 29 18 19 18 38/64 48 30 21 25 24d4 38 33

    Age Speed Init AC SR Special Abilities Caster Level
    Wyrmling 40-ft, fly 100-ft (average), swim 40-ft +0 15 (+1 size, +4 natural) - Immunity to disease and acid, water breathing -
    Very Young 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor), swim 40-ft +0 17 (+7 natural) - Diseased Saliva -
    Young 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor), swim 40-ft +0 20 (+10 natural) - Withstand Magic -
    Juvenile 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor), swim 40-ft +0 22 (-1 size, +13 natural) - Festering Wounds -
    Young Adult 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor), swim 40-ft +0 25 (-1 size, +16 natural) 22 DR 5/magic 1st
    Adult 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor), swim 40-ft +0 27 (-2 size, +19 natural) 24 Contagion 3rd
    Mature Adult 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor), swim 40-ft +0 30 (-2 size, +22 natural) 27 DR 10/magic 5th
    Old 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor), swim 40-ft +0 33 (-2 size, +25 natural) 28 Stench of the Plague 7th
    Very Old 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor), swim 40-ft +0 36 (-2 size, +28 natural) 29 DR 15/magic 9th
    Ancient 40-ft, fly 200-ft (clumsy), swim 40-ft +0 37 (-4 size, +31 natural) 31 Death Rot 11th
    Wyrm 40-ft, fly 200-ft (clumsy), swim 40-ft +0 40 (-4 size, +34 natural) 32 DR 20/magic 13th
    Great Wyrm 40-ft, fly 200-ft (clumsy), swim 40-ft +0 43 (-4 size, +37 natural) 34 Evil Plague 15th

    Breath Weapon (Su): A plague dragon has a single breath weapon, a cone of disgusting, bacteria-ridden acidic sludge. This cone deals the listed acid damage and also deals 1 point of Constitution damage per 2 age categories; a successful Reflex save halving both. A Fort save (same DC) is also required. On a successful Fort save the Con damage is further halved (or reduced to 0 if both saves are successful), but on a failure the creature becomes infected with Black Spit (see below).
    Black Spit: The diseaseís name come from one of the more interesting symptoms, it colors the patientís saliva and phlegm an ashy black. As a warning to caretakers the disease seems to spread through bodily fluids. This is a supernatural disease.
    Incubation Period: 1d4+1 days; 1d4 hours via a plague dragonís breath weapon. Fort save DC: 14; when infected via a plague dragonís breath weapon the DC is based off the dragonís hit dice and Constitution, normally equaling the save DC of their breath weapon (heighten breath and ability focus [breath weapon] do not raise this DC). Damage: 1d3 Constitution, and 1 Wisdom.

    Diseased Saliva (Ex): A very young or older plague dragonís saliva carries another dangerous disease. This is a particularly virulent, and fast acting, strain of Red Ache.

    The incubation period for this strain, when directly inflicted by the plague dragon, is 1d8+1 hours, otherwise it is 1 day. The Fort save DC, when directly inflicted, is based off of the dragonís hit dice and Constitution (this is the same formula used to get Breath Weapon DCs so they are normally the same), when not directly inflicted the DC is only 16 (1 higher than normal for Red Ache). Finally the damage, also, is increased to 1d8 Strength damage.

    Withstand Magic (Su): Any disease inflicted by a young or older plague dragon is hard to remove even by magic. Any attempt to magically remove the disease, such as by the Remove Disease spell, is prevented unless the caster makes a successful Caster Level check (DC is the same as the Fort save to resist the disease). A paladin using their Remove Disease spell-like ability gains a +5 to their Caster Level to remove the disease, and a unicorn gains a +10 to their caster level when using their racial Remove Disease spell-like ability. This affects any disease inflicted by the plague dragon even extraordinary ones, and those inflicted by it in an anti-magic field (this ability is negated in an anti-magic field, though, hence it is supernatural).

    Festering Wounds (Ex): Elements in a juvenile or older plague dragonís diseased saliva also prevents wounds from closing properly. Any creature that takes damage from a plague dragonís bite attack suffers an additional 1 damage per round until they receive at least 1 point of magical healing or someone performs a DC 20 heal check as a standard action to remove the chemicals.

    Spellcasting: A young adult or older plague dragon casts spells as a sorcerer of the indicated level. They may also cast spells from the druid spell list as if they were sorcerer spells.

    Contagion (Sp): Adult or older; 3/day.

    Stench of the Plague (Su): An old or older plague dragon is surrounded by a horrid stench. Any creature coming within 30-ft which can smell the plague dragon must make a Fort save (DC is Charisma based, therefore identical to frightful presence DC) or be nauseated for 1d4 +1/age category rounds. A creature with scent suffers a -4 to this save, and is affected at double range (and can smell an old or older plague dragon at 4 times normal range). A creature that saves against this ability, or fails and is affected by it, is immune to that plague dragonís Stench of the Plague for 24 hours.

    Death Rot (Su): The Constitution damage inflicted by an ancient or older plague dragonís Black Spit is increased by 2, and it requires 3 consecutive successful saving throws to remove it. The Black Spit is now completely incurable by normal magic, but can be cured by gathering special powerful reagents (details left to the DM; suggestion is actually make a quest out of it, but if you donít want to do that DC 15 + CR of dragon Knowledge (Arcana) check and 800 times CR of dragon GP to buy them) to empower the spell, or by a paladin or unicornís Remove Disease ability.

    Evil Plague (Su): A great wyrm plague dragonís red ache now deals 2d6 damage per failed save and requires 3 consecutive successful saving throws to remove it. It is also now completely incurable by normal magic, but can be cured by gathering special powerful reagents (details left to the DM; suggestion is actually make a quest out of it, but if you donít want to do that DC 15 + CR of dragon Knowledge (Nature) check and 800 times CR of dragon GP to buy them) to empower the spell, or by a paladinís Remove Disease ability. In addition their black spit is now incapable of being naturally healed, or cured by a paladinís Remove Disease or unicornís spell-like ability.

    Skills: Bluff, Heal, and Survival are class skills for a plague dragon in addition to those standard for all true dragons.
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