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Okay, I guess I could clarify "within reach" as "within your threatened area"

And to respond to the Wizard 5 foot stepping and walking away at half his movement speed, remember the duelist can immediate action take a 5 foot step, and can make a tumble check to make that 5 foot step actually half your base movement speed. From there, you only need to have a little bit of extra reach, or a slightly higher ground movement speed than the Wizard, to be able to continue threatening him after he moves away. Which then forces him to have to spend a second move action AND be casting a quickened teleport spell to get away, or deal with casting from inside your reach and dealing with the penalties of that. So either the wizard escapes, at the cost of a massive action disadvantage, or the wizard is stuck. Either way, you did your job, though you may have trouble catching said wizard again without outside help.
I guess I can understand that. I wasn't really thinking about how Flawless Footwork would interact with that.