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    Welknair's Essays - My views on everything game-related.

    Magitech in 3.5e - Massive project. Magic spaceships and laserguns. <--- Ridiculously out of date. My first real homebrew.
    D&D 3.5e Mass Combat - Much more recent project which provides mechanic support for large-scale conflicts within D&D, as well as the possibility for D&D as a wargame.

    NPC Prestige Classes
    The PC Proof Ones - We refuse to die.
    Henchman - The PrC all your NPCs have but don't know about.
    Messenger - Neither Wind, nor Snow, nor Hail
    Dealer of Goods
    - Browse my wares?
    The Guard - Which way did they go?
    The Bartender - Find out how they never get hit.
    Mage's Assistant - Someone to test your spells on.
    Street Rat - Riff raff, I don't buy that.
    Child of the Forest - What are you doing in my forest?
    Devout - For the everday worshiper
    Psy-Born - The Psion minus all the self-exploration
    Minstrel - Bard Lite
    Blacksmith - I make stuff. What a surprise.

    PC Prestige Classes
    Badass - Be a Badass
    Metamagic Expert - Wait, what spell did you just cast?
    Dual-Arcanist - Who says that Wizard/Sorcerer is stupid? (Apparently just like the Ultimate Magus. Woops)
    Battle Mage - Like the Eldritch Knight, but not.
    Omni-Caster - I can cast. EVERYTHING.
    Mage Commander - Wait, HOW many Wizards are casting Fireball?
    Late Mage - Darn, I'm late again?

    The Spell Shield - Magic Protection at its best.

    What in the Nine Hells is a Bloodline? - The question that should be answered before looking at all of these.
    Half-Bloods - Unique god children, FTW
    The Magyk-Touched - Magic Mutants
    Hero-Born - Descendents of the heroes of yore. Or yesterday.
    PC-Kin - The children of your worst nightmare.
    Mudblood - Got quite the unique family tree? This is for you.
    Noble-Blood - Because I said so.
    Glamerkin - Lonely Wizard + Shadow Conjuration = ???
    Dragon Descendant - Because those in the book were too wimpy.
    Titankith - Children of giant things tend to be a bit giant themselves.
    Name Given - awef'wqef'wfq'jfe FIREBALL BLAH
    Bladechild - I was born with sword in hand. And I could shoot fire out of it.
    DM's Worst Nightmare - *Weeps*
    Emergent Atrocity - Suddenly Tentacle!
    Chosen of the Far Realms - I hear voices in my head. They're telling me to kill you. And bake a cake.
    Planar Tied - The long-awaited Angelic and Demonic bloodlines!
    Quisling - Cursed with Awesome.
    Akodrin - The Ozodrin's little sister.
    Kitten-Friend - Because cats need friends too.
    Tinkerer - Bam. Laser gun.
    Shadow-Wrought - The shadows are my guide.
    Remnant - Home to a Shred of the most inhuman entity you can think of.
    Inherent - Feat chains for everyone!
    Sibling of the Elements - Son of Flame, Daughter of the Waves.
    Blood Chameleon - Magic gained from touching people.

    Bloodline Base Class
    Blood King - Sanguine Sovereign

    PC Races
    The Nac Mac Feegle - Because I was bored.

    Base Classes
    Conceptualist - My thoughts are your reality.

    Deity Rising - How to get from Divine Rank Nil to 1.

    Not Homebrew
    My Epic Playlist of Awesome.
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