Again, I really like this class and will be adding it to the Pr.C.s which players are allowed take in the Farmers in the Dell campagin(always open to new players).

A couple of quick comments though, first I would actually nock skill points down to 4+int. there is no reason why a messenger needs to be extreamly skilled they are just delivering meesages... they do need to be very good at a few things, like survival, hide, knowlage geography, knowlage royalty(actaully they only need a very few skill points in this one), and should be very good Riders so a moderate amount of skill in that... tumble they MIGHT, know a bit of... but if they did I doubt they would need so many skills in hide... swim and climb are skills that should probably be calss skills(as they are) but should only need a few points each(after a certain number and you have more than a messenger would really have and move into cercus performer territory[an intresting N.P.C. idea in its self]) so all told It think that is about seven skills but I think if the messenger has 14 or so int he can more than cover all of these basses with only 4+int. :-)

finally my last question is this, the prereques. say that the Messenger can never have any abilities from any other class... but what about other N.P.C. classes/Pr.Cs??? shouldn't an expert be able to become a messenger... or a guard?, or a mad-hat-trickster?