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Thread: [3.5e NPC PrC] Messenger (PEACH)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thugorp View Post
    Again, I really like this class and will be adding it to the Pr.C.s which players are allowed take in the Farmers in the Dell campagin(always open to new players).

    A couple of quick comments though, first I would actually nock skill points down to 4+int. there is no reason why a messenger needs to be extreamly skilled they are just delivering meesages... they do need to be very good at a few things, like survival, hide, knowlage geography, knowlage royalty(actaully they only need a very few skill points in this one), and should be very good Riders so a moderate amount of skill in that... tumble they MIGHT, know a bit of... but if they did I doubt they would need so many skills in hide... swim and climb are skills that should probably be calss skills(as they are) but should only need a few points each(after a certain number and you have more than a messenger would really have and move into cercus performer territory[an intresting N.P.C. idea in its self]) so all told It think that is about seven skills but I think if the messenger has 14 or so int he can more than cover all of these basses with only 4+int. :-)

    finally my last question is this, the prereques. say that the Messenger can never have any abilities from any other class... but what about other N.P.C. classes/Pr.Cs??? shouldn't an expert be able to become a messenger... or a guard?, or a mad-hat-trickster?
    Changed the skill points. Experts have no class features...

    Edit: Just took a look at your game. Well, given what it looks like you want to do, it might be a good idea to entirely disregard that requirement. It was meant to prevent typical D&D PCs from taking them. You aren't running a typical D&D campaign.

    Quote Originally Posted by Morph Bark View Post
    Sounds a lot like my Postman PrC for NPCs.

    Looking good. Why don't they get a good Ref save though?
    I considered it, but then decided that though comical and somewhat important, dodging Fireballs is not part of their job description, whereas the ability to hike for long periods of time is.
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