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    Changed the skill points. Experts have no class features...
    I have to disagree with this reasoning. Warriors also have no class features, but your Guard prestige class has the same BAB and HD as the Warrior.

    The messenger I see as the NPC Prestige version of the Scout/Rogue/Ranger classes, which requires every bit as many skill point as a expert.

    I also don't agree with the person who said more than a few ranks in climb/swim being more of a circus performer than a messenger. That argument can be made for Jump and Tumble, but I would expect the messenger to have ranks in Hide, Move Silently, Knowledge (Nobility), Knowledge (Geography), Survival, Ride, Swim, and Climb. That's 8 skills, not even considering a few ranks in Tumble and Jump, or Profession (Messenger) [a requirement for the class], or Diplomacy (useful when relaying bad news in a way that doesn't force you to hide), or Gather Information (for when you need to deliver a discreet message to someone who is harder to find).

    The class shouldn't have enough points to max out all of these skills, but 6 points is pretty much needed to have a couple maxed with the rest being raised to lesser levels.
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