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As for the class; hard to say (at least to my inexperienced critical eye). Metamagic can be very powerful, but losing caster levels is obviously quite a hit. I suppose that, since not having this will not prevent abusing metamagic if so desired, and given how nice the concept is, I would probably call it done well. I especially like the idea of removing metamagic from a spell; just imagine the reaction from an arcanist seeing his magic warped before his very eyes!
It would be particularly useful when you've captured an enemy caster. As he tries to use Still Spells, you just strip off that metamagic and he finds himself needing to make the gestures. Then he remembers he's tied up.

And thank you. I did my best to keep it balanced. The lost CL should be about even with the extra spell levels gained. Playtesting never hurts though...