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I considered haivng a rounds/day limit on being shifted ,liek a barbarians rage or a bard's music, but while a non-raging barbarian can still swing an axe and a non-singing bard can still cast spells, a unchanged shapeshifter is just naked and useless.
Ok, i can see this working. If you only let them use enough points to get to a reasonable(only playtesting can tell) powerlevel for the full day, then do a times per day on the rest of the points.

If you also gave evolution surge as a SLA a couple times per day, they wouldn't have to hulk out to accomplish minor tasks.

You appear to be comparing the shape shifter to an edilon w/o his master, but theoretically the edilon is 33% more powerfull, because he gets all 20HD, or at least he should be. Not that that makes him stronger than a summoner, but it still counts for somthing.