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Are you proposing a fixed number of evolution points they can spend per day? That might work. Allow them to shift between their normal form and their last shifted form for no cost, just so you aren't forcing them to walk around as a monster all day, then can spend points from a pool to effect changes from that. Also give them 1 free change in the morning so they don't have to spend points to change back. These points would need to be enough to outdo what a summoner with evolution surge would be accomplishing. It would kinda be like a psionic character, only with better action economy and a much more limited spell list.
Not realy what i was proposing (at leasst i don't think so). But hey if you like it then sure

I was saying having a semi-permanent evolution pool(set after an extended rest). and an enraged pool(accesseed and alocated every time they hulked out which could only be done a few times per day).

So with your proposed system they get more and more freaky until they sleep and turn back to normal? or do the evolutions have a duration?

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I don't think the evolution surge is an ability they should get, as that too easily improves their power. I'd say that evolution surge (and the oone that removes evolution points, forget what it is called) would be reasonable to cast on them, but that requires an external buffer, and so that increase would be the result of team synergy. The evolution point pool would work better, without actually increasing their evolution point cap.
I'm pretty sure theres a feat that lets you get a new class skill so they'll get a wand and UMD either way.

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That 33% (which is an overestimate, since the majority of their power comes from evolution points. ) is to compensate for the lack of buffs the summoner would be pouring into you, including 6 point evolution surges, AC bonuses, etc. You might be able to make an argument for 3/4 progression, which would but their bab in line with a normal eidolon, and weaken their hit dice.
ya, i know it's not realy near 33% but the extra HD are worth mentioning. So is having your full WBL to pour into your self rather than splitting it.

BTW the reason i'm so interested in this thread is, i was developing a simular class that evolved when enraged, but took damage proportional to the EP spent on the rage at the end of the rage.
Also summoners and Edilons are awsome