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I don't know about that, your shapshifter has full bab and 33% more hp over a edilon's 3/4 and gimped hp. A shape shifter also has Full WBL over an edilon/summoner combo. If other summons get brough in via spell casting i suppose there could be trouble. It also depends on if the sumoner gets buff time.

I would like to see an actual comparison between this well built fighter and a shapeshifter.(PF feats might make this believable but i doubt it)
Summoner can make their eidolon invisible, have greater heroism, dispel
the shapeshifter's buffs(like their amulet of mighty fists)
WBL is also harder for a shapeshifter to utilize. An Amulet of mighty fists is expensive, and caps out at +5, whereas a fighter can get a +10 weapon. It also takes up the amulet slot, which can also grant con or natural armour, so it lacks that, have overland flight on the eidolon and save on the points for the fly evolution, give it 2 additional evolutions, utilise permament greater magic fang to
get the edilons weapons +5 (relatively) cheapely, and stack a amulet of might fists with enhancements on top (shapeshifter could do this, but if they lose their weapons the enhancement goes away, and wastes all the money). Lets see a moderate accuracy boost contend with an invisible version of yourself that actually has just as much accuracy bonus with additional magic damage, bigger stat boosts, more armour, etc.

I'll see what I can pull together for a fighter later, I don't have time right now.