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    Default Re: The Beguiler Revivified (Work in Progress, PEACH!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Daverin View Post
    Well, suffice it to say, I can only make a guess based on what is already here. But I kind of get the vibe that, whereas alot of the non-spells of the Beguiler dealt with stealth, this one more emphasizes the social/manipulator, or at least make it as prevalent. Am I on the mark at all, Zieg?
    Exactly. This Beguiler is aiming to be less of an arcane-trickster-in-a-can and more of a behind the scenes manipulator. So stuff like Trapfinding and the Greater Feint abilities (which were disguised as casting abilities but were combat maneuver improvements) didn't sit well with me. I wanted to improve Cloaked Casting since it wasn't really worth a damn thing until 20th level, and by then Wizards have been casting SR:no spells for half their career or more, thus the Beguiler getting a much faster, much more useful improvement to their Cloaked Casting. Now, using their, you guessed, beguiling presence the Beguiler can disrupt and fascinate her foes as well as entice them to do her bidding (oh, and fascinate isn't based off of an impossible to beat save DC, but is still effected by your skill check).

    I'll be going through the Bard spell list and other books to add as many flavorful spells to the Beguiler spell list as I can to reinforce the role of social manipulator.

    Quote Originally Posted by NineThePuma View Post
    I could see the Beguiler and the Bard teaming up to eat the Spell Thief, giving the spell stealing to bard and the sneak attack type stuff to the Beguiler.
    Oh, and also, about the Spellthief, it will be operating the recoverable spells model that I've been using with the Swordsaint, the Mageknight, and the Hexblade. The Spellthief will draw spells from the Beguiler/Spellthief list, it will have sneak attack, and will be able to recover spells by stealing spell energy from foes. Beyond that I don't have many ideas yet, but I plan to start working on it tomorrow. It will surely, at some point, be able to steal opponents' spells and cast them.
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