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    The Chained Devil Defiant

    "I was sentenced unfairly. I will not return. I will not empower a broken system. I am my own man."
    Ė Quoivendus of the Chorum Encaged.

    It happens more often that you might think: an innocent (give or take a few sins) soul is found guilty of a heinous act performed during their life and condemned to eternity in the Nine Hells. Except that the soul in question never did such a thing. Whether through active diabolical malevolence or error in the cosmic bureaucracy hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions of souls have fallen into the Hells in such a situation over the course of the history of the multiverse.

    Most such unfortunates become resigned to their fates, the despondency of the Hells creeping into their essential nature. But some Ė those with wills which would shatter adamantine, those who never backed down from any challenge, those who have mastered conflict on the deepest, most spiritual level, those who know how patently unjust their condemnation was Ė sometimes they are enlightened from without and gifted with the knowledge of the Broken Link Shatters the Chain, a ritual that can tear its practitioner from the grasp of Hell and back into the breathing, material world of the living.

    But Hell does not give up its prizes so easily Ė the Broken Link Shatters the Chain only severs a condemned soulís restraints from its moorings. And so every soul who escapes in this manner still has their chains with them, chains alive with the menace of Baator that have become part of their very bodies. And it is because of this that such escaped souls are named by eldritch scholars the Chained Devils Defiant Ė for as far as the rest of multiverse is concerned, the escapees are naught but the worst villains in existence trying to escape a righteous punishment.

    Well, except for who or whatever bestows the revelations about the Broken Link Shatters the Chain.

    Becoming A Chained Devil Defiant
    Obviously, becoming a Chained Devil Defiant is not a pleasant experience, nor is it even possible to set out to become one. The process of dying, being found guilty of a truly despicable act, beginning the decreed sentence in Hell and then possessing the singular will and outrage to have the Broken Link Shatters the Chain revealed to you is not easy in the slightest.

    Alignment: Any non-lawful.
    Base Attack Bonus: +10
    Skills: Concentration 13 ranks, Escape Artist 4 ranks, Knowledge (the planes) 4 ranks, Survival 6 ranks.
    Feats: Endurance and Iron Will.
    Maneuvers: Knowledge of one martial strike and one martial stance of 3rd level or higher, or knowledge of one martial strike of 5th level or higher.
    Special: Must have died and been found guilty of monumental evil that you did not commit, leading to incarceration in Hell which you escaped through use of the Broken Link Shatters the Chain.

    Class Skills: Balance, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (the planes), Martial Lore, Profession, Swim and Tumble.
    Skill points per level: 4 + Intelligence modifier, minimum 1.

    HD: d12

    Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special
    Chain-Scarred, Vengeful Ravaging +1d6
    Frenzied Chain Form
    The First Link Buckles
    Vengeful Ravaging +2d6
    Hungering Chain Atemi
    The Second Link Cracks
    Vengeful Ravaging +3d6
    Moral Disdain
    The Third Link Shatters
    Shattered Chain Form, Vengeful Ravaging +4d6

    Level Man. Known Man. Readied Stances Known
    1st 1 0 0
    2nd 0 1 0
    3rd 1 0 1
    4th 0 0 0
    5th 1 1 0
    6th 0 0 1
    7th 1 0 0
    8th 0 1 0
    9th 1 0 1
    10th 0 0 0

    Class Features
    All the following are class features of the Chained Devil Defiant.

    Weapon and Armour Proficiencies: Chained Devils Defiant gain no new weapon or armour proficiencies.

    Maneuvers: At 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th levels, a Chained Devil Defiant gains new maneuvers known from the Black Heron, Iron Heart or Penitent Martyr disciplines. You must meet a maneuver's prerequisite to learn it. You add your full Chained Devil Defiant levels to your initiator level to determine your total initiator level and your highest-level maneuvers known.
    At 2nd, 5th and 8th levels, you gain additional maneuvers readied per day.

    Stances Known: At 3rd, 6th and 9th levels, you learn a new martial stance from the Black Heron, Iron Heart or Penitent Martyr disciplines. You must meet the stanceís prerequisites to learn it.

    Chain-Scarred Body (Ex): A Chained Devil Defiant is a strange creature Ė a soul that has escaped Hell and returned to the mortal coil without necromantic or resurrection magic. Their new forms are strange things, twisted by baatezu tortures into inhuman shapes.

    At first level, the Chained Devil Defiantís type changes to Outsider (native, augmented). Their appearance changes into something wholly unique, and recognising their original race requires a Spot check with a DC equal to 10 + the characterís Hit Dice. They also gain a +2 natural armour bonus.

    Finally, all Chained Devils Defiant retain the chains that bound them in Hell. Four barbed chains sprout from various places on their body (arranged as the player wishes) that continually writhe and move of their own accord. In combat, they may be utilised as natural weapons that are otherwise identical to a spiked chain, though they require no hands to wield.

    Vengeful Ravaging (Ex): A Chained Devil Defiant does not forgive those who support and empower the system that sentenced them to Hell, and strikes out at such opponents with a vicious fury. At first level, a Chained Devil Defiant deals +1d6 damage on any attack made against any of the following:

    • An outsider with an alignment subtype
    • An extraplanar construct with an alignment subtype.
    • A cleric who worships a god, demon prince or Lord of the Nine.
    • A cleric who worships no deity, but possesses an alignment domain.

    The Chained Devil Defiantís lust for vengeance only grows more potent over time: the damage dealt by this class feature increases by 1d6 at 4th, 7th and 10th levels.

    Frenzied Chain Form (Ex): The Baatorian shackles of a Chained Devil Defiant still hunger and writhe, and at 2nd they learn how to bring these armaments better under their control through sheer will and from that mastery create a unique martial stance. They may take a swift action to lose the benefits of their current stance to gain the benefits of this one. Whilst in this stance, any enemy who begins their turn within your chain attackís reach automatically takes base chain damage (2d4 for a Medium Chained Devil Defiant) and must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 class level + Strength modifier) or take 1d4 Dexterity damage. This stance is considered to belong to the Black Heron and Penitent Martyr disciplines.

    The First Link Buckles: Hell changes those it claims, and a Chained Devil Defiant still bears the mark of Baator on her soul-flesh. Thanks to the Broken Link Shatters the Chain, however, they can approach these changes on their own terms. At 3rd level, a Chained Devil Defiantís unique form alters further. The Spot DC to discern their original race increases by 5, and they increase two of their ability scores by 2. In addition, the Chained Devil Defiant gains one of the following abilities:

    • Gaze of the Pit (Ex): The Chained Devil Defiant gains the ability to see perfectly in darkness of any kind, even that created by a deeper darkness spell.
    • Scarhide (Ex): The natural armour bonus granted by the Chained Devil Defiantís Chain-Scarred Body class feature improves to be equal to their Constitution modifier or +3, whichever is higher.
    • Hell-Weathered Form (Ex): The Chained Devil Defiant gains fire resistance 10, and adds their class level as an inherent bonus on saves against poison.
    • Insidious Whispers (Ex): The Chained Devil Defiant adds their class level to any Charisma-based skill checks.
    • Shades of Hell (Ex): The Chained Devil Defiant adds their class level to any Hide or Move Silently checks. In addition, all attacks made against them gain a 5% miss chance.

    Hungering Chain Atemi (Su): At 5th level, a Chained Devil Defiant masters his shackles well enough to utilise them in a more proactive manner, gaining access to a unique martial strike. This strike must be recovered and readied to use, just like any maneuver, and is considered to belong to the Black Heron and Penitent Martyr disciplines.

    Initiating this strike is a standard action. As part of this strike, you make a normal melee attack with each of your chain attacks. If at least one attack hits, the target must make a Fortitude save (DC 17 + Con modifier) or gain 1d4 negative levels until the end of the encounter. Each additional successful hit you made as part of this strike after the first increases the save DC by 2.

    The Second Link Cracks: Hell continues to further mark you as its prize, and your body warps further and further from your previous shape. At 6th level, one of the ability score increased by the First Link Buckles increases by 2. In addition, the Chained Devil Defiant gains two abilities from the First Link Buckles class feature, or one of the following abilities:

    • Gnarled Scarhide (Ex): Requires the Scarhide ability. The Chained Devil Defiantís natural armour bonus is now equal to 2 + their Constitution modifier or +4, whichever is higher.
    • Hell-Blasted Form (Ex): Requires the Hell-Weathered Form ability. The Chained Devil Defiantís fire resistance increases to 25, and they become immune to poison. They also gain acid and cold resistance 5.
    • See To The Soul (Su): Requires the Gaze of the Pit ability. The Chained Devil Defiant gains an innate true seeing effect, as the spell, with a caster level equal to their character level. The effect can be dispelled, but the Chained Devil Defiant can simply reactive it on their turn as a free action.
    • Sin Hidden in Sin (Ex/Sp): Requires the Shades of Hell ability. The Chained Devil Defiantís miss chance increases to 10%. In addition, they may use deeper darkness at-will as a spell-like ability.
    • The Voice Insidious (Su): Requires the Insidious Whispers ability. The Chained Devil defiant gains telepathy out to 100ft, allowing them communicate mentally with any creature they share a language with.

    Moral Disdain (Ex): At 8th, a Chained Devil Defiantís contempt for those who empower the system they despise allows none of them to their body or will. The Chained Devil Defiant gains a bonus on saving throws against the spells and spell-like abilities of creatures affected by the Vengeful Ravaging class feature equal to their class level, and constantly benefits from the effects of a mind blank spell against such creatures.

    The Third Link Shatters: The mark of Baator has forced the Chained Devil Defiantís soul-flesh into its physical apotheosis. At 9th level, both ability score increases granted by the First Link Buckles increase by 2, and the Chained Devil Defiant gains a +2 bonus to a third ability score. In addition, the Chained Devil Defiant gains two abilities from the Second Link Cracks class feature, or one of the following abilities:

    • Flesh Transcends Form (Ex): Requires the Gnarled Scarhide ability. The Chained Devil Defiantís natural armour bonus is now equal to 4 + their Constitution modifier or +6, whichever is higher. In addition, their natural armour bonus is now effective against touch attacks and attacks by incorporeal creatures.
    • Vitriolic Fury (Su): The Chained Devil Defiantís hatred is now so caustic and empowered with supernatural energy that all extra damage dealt by their Vengeful Ravaging class feature is considered vile damage.
    • Heart of Darkness: Requires the Sin Hidden in Sin ability. The Chained Devil Defiantís miss chance increases to 20%. Furthermore, they take no penalty on Hide or Move Silently checks for moving at full speed.
    • Hell-Sundered Form (Ex): Requires the Hell-Blasted Form ability. The Chained Devil Defiantís fire resistance is replaced with immunity to fire. In addition, the acid and cold resistance increase to 10.
    • The Command Insidious (Sp): Requires the Voice Insidious ability. The Chained Devil Defiant may use greater command at-will as a spell-like ability. 1/day, they may use dominate monster as a spell-like ability on any creature currently under the effects of one of their greater commands.

    Shattered Chain Form: It has taken a long time, and the journey has left its scars, but the Chained Devil Defiant has broken Hellís claim on their soul through sheer bloody-mindedness, and with that freedom has some realisation and enlightenment which, when internalised and studied results in this unique martial stance.

    The Chained Devil Defiant may take a swift action to lose the benefits of their current stance to gain the benefits of this one. Whilst in this stance, the Chained Devil Defiant may make iterative attacks with their chain attacks. In addition, any target struck by four or more of the Chained Devil Defiantís successful chain attacks in one turn must make a Will save (DC 19 + Charisma modifier) or take 3d4 Wisdom damage from the secrets whispered into their mind by the sentient chains.

    Playing a Chained Devil Defiant
    A Chained Devil Defiant is a combatant and a master of the Sublime Way. Whilst the class can add a few other tricks to their repertoire, it is in combat that they truly shine.
    Combat: A Chained Devil Defiant is unlikely to heavily change their combat style upon entering the class, though they are liable to become more brutal and risky in combat, and will often head after targets upon whom they can utilise the Vengeful Ravaging class feature.
    Advancement: The First Chain Buckles, the Second Link Cracks and the Third Link Shatters class features offer a number of paths of advancement for a Chained Devil Defiant, allowing you to create your own unique hell-twisted entity. It also worth noting that any character that completes the class will be on the very cusp of epic levels, providing them with a bevy of new options for them to pursue.
    Resources: Due to their unique status in the multiverse, a Chained Devil Defiant is not likely to receive help from many beyond himself, his associates and any other members of the class.

    Chained Devils Defiant in the World
    "Metal. Iron. CanítÖbreathe. Everywhere. No escape. Trapped. TRAPPED! OUT! OUT!"
    - Sir Bartimeus Kallandr, survivor of a crusade on the Chorum Encaged
    As far as the multiverse is concerned, a Chained Devil Defiant is a creature that is defying the natural order of things and merely delaying their inevitable fate. On the planes they are generally reviled once their nature becomes known, and only in Sigil can they expect any measure of peace Ė mainly because the Lady of Pain seems indifferent to them. On the Material Plane, however, life is somewhat easier for them. Here, only scholars, clerics, paladins, arcanists and the truly faithful have much chance of identifying a Chained Devil Defiant for what they are and persecuting them for it.
    Daily Life: The life of a Chained Devil Defiant is rarely easy. Even if they find somewhere where the locals donít know or care what they are, celestials are still likely to send strike teams to enact ďjusticeĒ on a defiant soul, and the baatezu will always try to reclaim what they have lost. A quiet life is thus highly unlikely, and many Chained Devils Defiant stay on the move to avoid attracting planar attention as much as possible.
    Notables: Quoivendus of the Chorum Encanged (CN male human warblade 10/bard 10/chained devil defiant 10), the founding member of that order (see below) is the most well-known Chained Devil Defiant amongst their own number Ė to others, heís just another Chained Devil Defiant. Since his escape from Baator, Quoivendus has accomplished much. Some say he managed to slay the god who brought the false charges against him, and that he managed to survive the attentions of the full might of both sides of the Blood War for a full day after a plane shift went awry. Quoivendus denies both with a slight smirk from his metallic, vaguely avian head but there is little doubting that his combat skill is truly exceptional.
    Organizations: The Chorum Encaged, founded by Quoivendus some decades ago, is a organisation with but a few tasks: provide direction to new Chained Devils Defiant, work on artistic distractions from the reality their lives, and research the nature of the being who reveals the knowledge of the Broken Link Shatters the Chain to the Chained Devils Defiant. The Chorum meets in an old ruined temple to a dead god they have renovated for their purposes, and frequently have new Chained Devils staying their until theyíre on their feet. Experienced Chained Devils cannot expect much aid from the Chorum Ė though food, lodgings and access to their library and tutors can be provided if the Chained Devil in question is willing to aid them in their pursuits.

    NPC Reaction
    The average denizen of the Material Plane will treat a Chained Devil Defiant based on their evaluation of their unique appearance, and thus a likely to be at least somewhat uneasy around them. Those in the know will try to drive them out of town or condemn them in sermon. Still, this treatment is better than that which they receive on the planes, where every celestial, demon, devil and inevitable wants to kill them in order to restore things to how they should be.

    Chained Devils Defiant in the Game
    The Chained Devil Defiant is a class that excels at combat, but one should be particularly aware of the impact their ability score bonuses can have on a character and a game. Depending on how they are assigned, a Chained Devil Defiant can enhance his strengths considerably, or cover his weakness very competently or even, when combined with some of the abilities gained throughout the class, turn those weaknesses into new strengths.
    Adaptation: Not every setting possesses Baator as a plane. In such a case, the Chained Devil Defiant can be made to work again by giving them a different location of imprisonment. Even if the setting has Baator or another hell-like plane, you may wish to move the origin of the Chained Devils. In the Forgotten Realms, they could be souls freed from the Wall of the Faithless, rather than those condemned to Hell for a sin they did not commit. In Eberron, they may have been entrapped not on another plane, but in Khyber by the Cult of the Dragon below and altered by those mad individuals and their aberration allies.
    Encounters: This is a place to describe what sort of encounters PCs will have with NPC versions of your class.

    The Unchained Soul

    Freedom should be the right of all creatures, but not even the most democratic of mortal societies is truly free. They are still held by constraints they cannot escape - gravity, time, death, the limited size of the multiverse. Few are equipped to even attempt to slip those constraints forever. Why, that'd be as impossible as denying one's rightful place in the afterlife and escaping elsewhere! Of course, this fails to take into account the Chained Devils Defiant and the otherwise enlightened who have returned from beyond death's borders. Once you have escaped death itself, all restraints begin to seem surmountable.

    And with the right perception of reality, they are.

    Requirements: 21st level, any non-lawful alignment, must know the Shattered Chain Form stance or have returned from death by some means and possess Wisdom 29.

    Level Benefit
    21st Steps Unrestrained
    24th Mortality Unchained
    27th Journeys Unbound
    30th Morality Uncaged

    Steps Unrestrained (Ex): Having slipped free of the most base restraints of the world - physicality and gravity - nothing can now cease the unchained soul's movement. At 21st level, she is considered to permanently possess the benefits of a freedom of movement spell as an extraordinary ability, and gain immunity to any effect that would halt or otherwise impede her movement. In addition, her base land speed quadruples, and she gains a fly speed with perfect maneuverability equal to their land speed. So unrestrained is the unchained soul's motion that they may also take a single additional swift action each round, though this additional swift action cannot be used to cast a spell through any means.

    Mortality Unchained (Ex): Having escaped death once, the unchained soul finds it child's play to deny the grave again. At 24th level, the unchained soul gains Fast Healing 5 per five character levels. Even if she is slain, death no longer has any hold on her soul. After a week, she reappears at any location of her choosing on her home plane, alive and in perfect health.

    Journeys Unmeasured (Ex): Unlike others, the unchained soul can see the invisible barriers the bar one location from the next. She may also utterly ignore them, if she wills it. At 27th level, the unchained soul may take a move action to use greater teleport and plane shift at-will as extraordinary abilities. She never arrives off-target when using these effects, and may take a number of creatures along with her equal to her Wisdom modifier.

    Morality Uncaged (Ex): Philosophers and members of Sigilian Factions like to pretend that alignment and belief drive the multiverse. The unchained soul sees the truth: that these concepts are but another mere restraint on the minds of lesser entities. At 30th level, the unchained soul permanently and irrevocably loses her alignment - she is now beyond such petty concepts, able to see the cosmos beyond and behind the conceptual building blocks of the multiverse. She becomes immune to any effect that varies in potency depending on its target's alignment, such as blasphemy, chaos hammer or smite evil. If she possesses any such abilities herself, she may use them on any target at full potency, regardless of their actual alignment - an unchained soul paladin's smite evil works just as well on a celestial as it does a fiend. Additionally, once per encounter she may speak the secret underlying truths of reality. Any targets within 60ft that can hear her must make a Will save (DC 10 + character level) or be stunned for 1d4 rounds, and confused as per the spell for 2d4 rounds thereafter. Any target, regardless of whether they save or not, can remember what the unchained soul reveals to them after the fact. The unchained soul may freely exempt any creatures within range from the effects of her revelation.

    Immortality: Beyond All Cages
    Most sages hold that the planes are infinite, but you gleefully prove them wrong as you journey beyond them, past even the Far Realm and cavort in the Multiverse-That-Is-Not, your nature changing all laws and restraints fall from you forever. If your ever deign to return, you come back more than mortal, but not a god, not an outsider, not an eldritch abomination - you refuse to be bound by a category, becoming a wholly unique and immortal force within and beyond the planes.
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