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    Been reading through a little more thoroughly. At first glance I thought that you had to select a single element upon entering the class (Likely the same one that you had the feat for) but it appears that that is not so. This means that for the features that are element-dependent the Blade has access to all of the variations, not just one. That's quite powerful. I'd advise you to consider limiting the class to a single element, or otherwise at least making the character choose a single element each day.

    I don't think that there's "Water Damage". We just have Cold.

    You state that the duration of Elemental Movement and Elemental Defense is equal to the Con modifier of the Blade. Firstly, I must point out that not everyone has a Con bonus. What if you have a penalty? I'd add in "With a minimum of one". This brings me to the second point. You don't specify the unit of time. I'd assume that it's rounds, but you don't state this.

    Now going through the specific abilities in Elemental Defense and Movement.

    Edit: Flame Shield: Concealment only comes in 20% (Partial) or 50% (Total). 100% miss chance to ranged attacks.... What? Not to mention, shouldn't you include something about it BURNING? Perhaps something along the lines of dealing damage to melee attackers? More like the actual Fire Shield spell?
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