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Suggestion 1: Energy Substitution only lets you substitute one type of energy, selected when you take the feat, though you can take the feat multiple times. Perhaps give Energy Substitution as a bonus feat on even levels? You can even go a step further and tie the class features to it, i.e. you can only use the abilities that correspond to the energy types that you have Energy Substitution for.

Suggestion 2: Have you considered expanding the class to other damage types? Positive energy, negative energy, force, dessication, etc?
1: I was thinking something along the same lines. It would make sense if the features corresponded to the specific element which the Blade had been specializing in, whether or not they have the ability to gain access to the other elements.

2: Problem with this is that it conflicts with 1. You can't get Energy Substitution (Force). Also, I wasn't aware that there was such a thing as "Dessication" damage. I thought that it fell under Negative Energy. Also, I am unaware of a Positive Energy spell that harms an opponent, though there likely is one. Nevertheless, this class is the Elemental Blade, not the Energy Blade. It could potentially be expanded, but I wouldn't do so without some consideration. Additionally, Negative and Positive seem more like they'd be used with a Divine version of this class...