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2: Problem with this is that it conflicts with 1. You can't get Energy Substitution (Force).
Class feature, maybe. "When you take Energy Substitution, you can also select X, Y, and Z."

Also, I wasn't aware that there was such a thing as "Dessication" damage. I thought that it fell under Negative Energy.
It was introduced in Sandstorm. Not a common source, I admit, but interesting.

Also, I am unaware of a Positive Energy spell that harms an opponent, though there likely is one.
Probably, but even if there isn't...
"I charge my sword!"
"Hey, I feel better!"

Nevertheless, this class is the Elemental Blade, not the Energy Blade. It could potentially be expanded, but I wouldn't do so without some consideration. Additionally, Negative and Positive seem more like they'd be used with a Divine version of this class...
So where's the Elemental Plane of Acid? Elemental Plane of Sonic? Heck, in standard cosmology, Positive and Negative have their own planes situated similarly to Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, so they're arguably more of an element than Acid, Cold, Electricity, or Sonic. D&D elements don't really make sense, and what's considered an element is entirely arbitrary.