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    Oops, under the description for the rage feat, you write "additional daily use at watchful fighter level 4th", obviously meat to be barbaric.

    Also, it's grammatically ambiguous underneath the Cunning Style II, since I read "as a move action" as applying only to the stealing bit, but re-reading it I see its actually meant to go over both parts of the conjunction. Its really annoying, to no one more than myself, but the redundant style of redundant repetition look is good for rules <.<

    EDIT: oh, and somewhere you mentioned that you get Skill Mastery for your key skills (as the daring outlaw ability). Perhaps you mean as the swashbuckler class feature, but still, fully writing it out is probably a better idea: "when making a skill check with one of your key skills, you may take 10 even if stress and distractions would normally prevent you from doing so."

    Moving on from the nitpicks, this remix actually gives a reason to play fighter ever while simultaneously organizing a lot of options for generating character concepts more easily. I definitely plan on integrating this into my campaigns and pushing it on any of my future DMs. ^.^

    However, on the style feats front, I notice the conspicuous absence of Insightful Strike for the cunning fighter, which is a great boon for swashbuckler-y concepts to actually have a reason to put points into int. Actually, drawing from the swashbuckler class some more, a Lucky feat could be a good addition to at least a couple of fighter styles.

    Better lucky than good, or so they say.
    Prerequisite: Barbaric or Cunning fighter level 4th
    Benefit: Once per encounter, you may reroll any attack roll, skill check, ability check, or saving throw. You may take whichever roll is more beneficial.

    That's probably written more like traditional 3.5 feats than what you're using, but there's the idea (and already a distinct improvement over the crap swashbuckler feature).

    Finally, the watchful fighter, since it seems to be sorely lacking in feats. There are two things that really jump out at me about him, a) that he's a reverse barbarian and b) that he's the dark, quiet stoic type. So here's some ideas (though I don't have a quick way to work them into the system): barbarians can't wear heavier armor, let the watchman use his armor more effectively, perhaps less encumbered by it or able to squeeze a little extra defense out of it. He's already got resistance to illusion, what about resisting enchantment (I saw a Mentalist yesterday where the prison guard was immune to the protagonist's hypnotist tricks, so it seems to fit)? This guy's a veteran of the watch, so it makes sense to let him have fast movement so he can better chase down criminals. Oh, and bump what Pechvarry said about crowd-control.

    Well, that was finally for feats, but finally finally, we have the Wild Cohort which (in addition to having a mood-breaking name as opposed to something more along the lines of Favored Mount or something) is really weird as written: it allows a full-grown human to call a snake his wild cohort, even though you obviously mean for it to act as a mount, and a snake is unrideable. As further weird, a wild cohort requires training to be used as a mount, but this shouldn't really be a barrier for a feat designed to get you a mount. The boosts themselves look not-overpowered, just the RAW is yucky. Especially if you mean for the mount to scale with cavalry fighter levels, since wild cohorts scale with character level. As a final critique of using that feat as given, its ambiguous about what is required to get a new one, maybe it takes some serious work, possibly another application of the feat, or maybe you just buy a fresh one. Clearing that up would prove most useful. Maybe I'll get off my arse and type out a replacement.

    Keep up the good work!
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