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    Alright, to preface this class; I wanted to make a ranged defender.
    It's not exactly a ranged defender, but I think it works, sort of...

    So most of my issues come from it's a little unfocused power set. I'd like suggestions to focus them more; or at least make it where it's still effective.

    Two, it feels a little too good for it's role. Maybe a little too good overall. I'm concerned about it's aura, it's ability to chain attacks, and other bits where it's started to get diluted from a Defender/Controller, straying a little too much to a Striker.

    Here it is: Gatekeeper v2

    I figure the way it should play, is something of a ant-lion. You put up the aura, and if you choose the longer ranged powers, you mark creatures further away, or if you didn't; you charge in and keep the enemies close to you. You punish them if they move away, and you keep them close to you by marking them. For things that aren't in your aura, you use your Gates; which by in themselves just give you boosts. Then, as you get along with the class, you get some unarmed attacks, which are mostly used to punish those that get too close; since unlike an ant-lion you have a sweet spot of about 3 squares?
    I wanted this to resemble the psionic classes, so it has lots of at-wills (maybe about 7 total at one time?) which might be a bit much. I think it does weird job at defending, and it's damage is weird.

    I'm willing to take suggestions, especially on the at-wills, the unarmed strikes, and the aura. But feel free to give constructive mechanical criticism:
    1) don't throw out the entire thing
    2) don't worry about the fluff. It's always mutable.
    3) if it so suits you, can you make this a sub-class of the swordmage or something, if you just don't like the idea of it being a standalone class.
    4) I'd like some critique on the fluff, there's too many mixed motifs...

    So, inspirations include Battlemind, Swordmage, Warden and Monk; with lots taken from Litchi Faye Ling in Blazblue, Kitty and her floating sword from Blade Kitten, and the Gate Keepers anime/game.

    Thanks in advance,
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