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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowknight12 View Post
    This looks interesting, and I am going to look into it with greater depth later on, but I wanted to drop a question first after giving the class a quick read:

    If I'm playing a Watchful Fighter, do I have a way to ensure that the enemies focus on me instead of flying over/tumbling past/running around me to go after the squishies? At first glance, it seems that there's nothing that makes him a true defender, even if he excels at being a stone wall.
    I have a number of additional Watchful Fighter feats in development which will focus on carving out a tanking role. Development has just been... delayed slightly because Steam network is evil and offered me amazingly good prices on video games I'd always wanted to buy and now I have all these video games and there's just so few hours in the day and... you know how it is.
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