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    Quote Originally Posted by darkpuppy View Post
    Well, on the bright side, teej, at least she's not going for 'Nids or Guard, considering her natural talents!

    Still, good to hear the move's going okay, and good to hear you're doing alright!
    I could handle her becoming a guard player, as that still falls within the realm of His Divine Light.

    but Orkz?

    filthy xenos!


    Quote Originally Posted by Werekat View Post
    *Baroi: Wow, Big Teej, you've improved since I've last read your stories! I do have a couple of nitpicks, though, the gust of which can be summarized as "if you're writing from first person, try to catch the character's tone." Because a guy that looks at someone he just slept with and sees "a female form" instead of a pretty girl is just creepy. Or was that the intended effect?
    that would actually be a combination of me writing while tired, and writing from a perspective very alien to my own (that being a worldview where casual sex is acceptable.)

    Baroi is a lech, a gentlemanly one, but a lech and a rake nonetheless

    if the tone sounds a bit off, it's because I pride myself on being as far from those qualities as I can get.

    alas, if it came off creepy as opposed to "easy come easy go" I shall endeavor to fix it.

    and now....

    for the teasing


    *announcer voice*

    coming soon, from the crazed mind of big teej....

    Reminisces of The Skulltaker
    - Prizing of a Skull
    - The Fight in the Mountians
    - Trophy Rings


    "So the story of my axe has not satiated ye?
    very well then, I have many more tales to tell. what'll it be? the Prizing of my first skull? my fight with two elves in the mountians? or would you care to know how I won these?" the man taps on the metal bands around his arm, causing them to ring in a manner disconcertingly reminiscient of a master's sword drawn from its scabbard

    Reflections During Time Spent Outside a Tavern on Romance, Loyalty, The Code, and Royalty by Gideon, Knight of the Old Code

    as I wait for my companions outside the Boar's Head Tavern, I cannot help but contemplate the things that have lead me here, and what may the future hold? doubt creeps into my mind...
    have I held true to The Code? there are few of us left.... I must not falter.

    Boenald the Dread Pirate
    "how I won my ship"

    "oh aye lass, pull up a stool and pour me another cup of jarez, I'll tell ye the story of how I won my ship, a grand tale so tell! I won it off of an ol dog of war, both by strentgh of arms, and strengh of cards!

    The final test of a duskblade

    in order to truley carry the title of DuskBlade, I must satisfy my master... there are three challenges I must complete in my final test
    I must show strengh of mine arms against magic
    I must show the depth of my knowledge against might
    I must prove that I wield both equally.

    my mind is as strong as my arm

    the fools think they can hold me here? armed and dangerous they call me, "a threat to myself and the world around me"
    they refuse to believe I have control.

    I take stock of myself and my surroundings.
    Armed? maybe
    I feel my mind broil with power as I contemplate my escape.

    I sleep yet, awaiting to take to the field of battle again.

    a man stands at the head of a shining legion, a force that could conquer nations. but this is an army made to defend, to hold until reinforcements can be brought to bear.
    the man speaks.
    "Warforged Legionaires! the Orc menace approaches this pass, if the break through here, the lands of man, elf, and dwarf will be o'erwhelmed. it is YOUR duty to stop them. Retreat is not an option, you will fight and you will hold this pass until reinforcements arrive!"

    amidst the legion, in a thought process almost identical to the numbers around him, Land Battle unit four hundred and twenty six recieves, contemplates, evaluates, and internalizes the orders he has been given.

    - I wander yet, searching for a new home.

    My Lord is dead, I am Ronin, a lordless Samurai. his dying wish was for me to serve another.

    but who would take one as disgraced as I?
    in the meantime, I will fulfill my lord's other wish. to fight evil and see it driven from this world...

    oh how I HATE public appearences

    My name is Lochlan, and I am the Devoted Defender of her Most Royal Highness Brat...
    I am charged with her personal bodily safety, and the protection of her virtue.
    what I did to anger the King so I have no idea...
    why does this woman insist on going to the commons?
    why do I put up with her?
    that's right
    I love her....

    - death of a way of life, a path anew

    I was lucky I guess...
    I fell in the first moments of the devestation, I wasn't forced to watch the atrocities they inflicted upon my people.

    my tribe has been utterly wiped out. I am all that's left. My familly, my friends, my children.... my woman.

    all have been taken from me...
    I have become like a ghost.... a vengeful apparition that will stalk them unto the ends of existence.

    I will destroy them...

    - the secrets of the mind.

    the monks came for me today.... the crisis in the city has come to a head.... the penultimate sanction has been approved.
    psykers shall be let loose in the city.

    we will scour the population for the source of this unrest. the head of those who would dare foment unrest in my beloved home.

    I will break open their minds and burn out their bodies....

    well, that's it for my teaser's... I should be able start writing them tomorrow.
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